Lost Ark is too grindy. Monetization is the reason! Simple as that!

Diablo 3 was a totally different design. Can‘t remember that Drops could be bought via a auction house. Every dungeon run was worth it because the drop could happen.

In LA you just open AH, swipe or RMT and you are done.


2500 hours into the game here’s what I think

Grindy game? Sure but not for the reason many people complaint about…
The game feels this way because of time-gated content and players feel compelled to log in at a specific time to complete content to stay competitive. That’s irritating

3 legions per character + x2 Chaos + x2 Guardians + x3 una’s a day. Using rest bonus system? Ok after 3 days that’s capped and you start to lose out anyway. Chaos gates, islands, fields boss you don’t log in on a given day? You’ve missed out. You’re not getting that back
You went away for a week for holidays? Lost 18 legions gold income? Yip that’s gone…

So what am I saying is time gated-content makes you feel like you can’t catch up anytime you feel like it but instead you have to progress at the game imposed pace…
Meaning you have to log in even when you don’t want to

If you wanted to take time off and come back and spend 24h grinding chaos dungeons cos you didn’t do them for a week the game would also be grindy as hell but YOU are choosing when you want it to be that way cos you are setting up the pace.

You haven’t done any legions this week cos you were busing being a human being? No problem next week you’ll have more time, sit down and spend two days caved in your room grinding your eyes out. That’s players choice.

But when the game sets out when and how to do content that’s when people feel the so called fomo the most and that’s design flaw.

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IMO the base of the problem is there is only 1 level of game play that majority of players are going for in “current” content. The steps between item level/gear sets seem to be to drastic for more casual players. I took a break to play FFXIV and WoW again to catch up with the expansions and the match making in those games allow players to complete the campaign and gear up. It’s an intermediate level for character power. You can either stop there or push for harder content. Lost Ark seems to be missing this intermediate level.

I am a no life player currently sitting at 1555+ Main and 5 1500+ alts, but would appreciate another step in between difficulty and have a chill option to just que into as an option to brainless chaos dung/Graids.

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It doesn’t matter what it means to me or what it means to you. Read my post again. The point I made here was to explain, why it’s too grindy for a huge part of the main audience and why it leads to people leaving this game sooner or later.

You are absolutely right about some points you made here. But with 2500+ hours into this game you are not taking account of how much you played already and have an advantage over new player.

With a little bit less than 1200h into this game (stopped after vykas at Ilvl 1492) I can tell you how hard it is to get you character ready again. Not having your fifth engraving, (maxing my class engraving alone costs me like 170k gold) not having you titles (because I only rekt vykas 4x), roaster lvl 120, you get gatekept from almost every group even 1445 alt runs which is no joke (EUC).I just have 2 Alts that I don’t even consider gearing up at the moment, because they have it much harder right now than my main. And I’m selling almost everything I got right now, which brings me like 3-6k gold a day. Let’s say I will get 5k gold everyday.

This is around a month of playing everything daily (which is just repetetive and a huge factor for why the game feels so grindy btw) just to get you one engraving on max, not even having you 5 engravings ready because you also accessories and the stone (I mean, how many people are so unlucky that they don’t even have a 7x7 stone yet). Besides getting your gems all on lvl 7, getting your card sets (at least I got my lostwind already) and have a good geared character after all to have a chance to get into a group to clear brelzasha will take months without swiping. By that time, my geared up character is already bad which leads to gatekeeping as a problem again…

Now guess what? I have a Full-Time Job, hit the gym, want to read a book sometimes, have a girlfriend, a family, do you really think I have the time to play this game everyday? Of course not. And this is exactly how many people feel.

I think it’s completely fair for a dude who plays 24/7 to have an advantage over a casual andy, no question. But again, that wasn’t my point. My point here is to explain, why it feels too grindy for most the people and why they leave this game. Because other than in wow for example, you have it much harder to enjoy the Juice of the game (which is not the chaos or guardian raids) playing casually. You lose interest, not playing again and you won’t come back because the gap is too huge after a while.

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Exactly. This is what I meant by saying Blizzard managed to keep WoW casual but at the same time keeping it interesting and thrilling for Hardcore Gamers.

And other than that, LA hasn’t the best PvP-Experience. Till this day, WoW also has a huge PvP community. GW 2 has a huge PvP community. New World has a huge PvP community. The only reason why a Game like Black Desert still lives, is it’s pvp.

Not having a enjoyable pvp also means there are lesser people playing this game

We’ll see if any changes happen, hopefully it does before my passion for the game goes away. Good luck to you if you still decide to grind on. The only advice I can give is to play at your own pace. I know it sucks but it will keep you sane and not broke :slight_smile:

what are you talking about? diablo 3 had real money auction on launch. I made like 2k eur by selling random leggy items.

‘‘too grindy’’ in my eyes is something whats impossible to get via playing. diablo immortal for example. this game is still way more casual friendly game thanks to rested than any other ARPG style game. if you can reach latest patch contents day one by playing few hours a day its not too grindy sry. I kinda miss old MMO community where even 10 hours a day was still accepted. these new players are spoiled from fortnite and league and they just want everything right away…

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11 months too late buddy, 95% of the initial players noticed this already :stuck_out_tongue:

No shit sherlock