Lost ark is very time consuming


this is more a poll than a complaint. I am curious if you guys think the same:

Lost ark is very time-consuming. IF you play the game with 6 alts (which is recommended) you will take around 2h for Chaos dungeons and Guardian raids every day.
People tend to play games seriously, so they try to max out the efficiency from games, and if they can’t, they quit.

This game has a lot of content and every content patch, the daily stuff you have to do rises.

For now its: 2h dailies 6x 3x 30m-1h raids every week + daily events (event island, chaos gate, boss) (30m-1h). That means you have content for around 5-6h a day.
This is much. This is very much. The player base is probably in their mid-late 20s, have a job, maybe a family and play this game for fun. But many of us don’t have the time to play that much.

So the consequences are easy: Playing less and lose some rewards. And if the real life is pressuring more, it feels like you quit the game by not doing the daily stuff. So people tend to play less and less and maybe don’t play at all.

I would really suggest pressuring the idea of 1x Chaos dungeon and 1x Guardian raid/day. Not only is this content the most boring one, but also the most time-consuming one.

Also, I would suggest reworking the Rest bonus to a 100% rest bonus + allowing unlimited chaos dungeons to drop normal stuff IF you have rest bonus left. So you can not do your dailies for a week, and then u push them in one day. Do your 7 chaos dungeons/Guardians on a day you have the most time, and you are done with this content. You can play the next 6 days your raids. Or you just end your whole content in one or two days and play the rest of the week PvP or take a break.

As you wish. But currently, I feel like this game is taking a lot of my time and I am not sure, if I can handle it anymore without taking consequences in game or in real life.

So, how is your opinion about this topic?
Is Lost Ark very time consuming for you? Do you play your alts daily? Do you feel pressured to login every day to play the game?


Well, it depends on your objectives. 6 Alt played daily and such is a requirement… if you absolutely need to keep up. If your goal is to do Heroic for clown/Brel/Akkan on day 1, of course you’ll have to invest time and/or money.

But if you aim at progressing at your pace ? Pretty sure you can do so even without playing 6 alts every day for 6 months. Never feel pressured to do so by streamers/influences/whoever. If you can’t keep up, maintain your sanity first and lower that number down.


This is true. Me for example aren’t playing my alts that much anymore. Maybe 2 chars/day. Otherwise I would go insane.

Yet I still try to figure out why we need to run chaos/Guardian twice a day, when once a day would have been enough.

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it is time consuming if you want to be optimal because optimal is built around whales and people that min max everything every day. Do not treat this mmo like other mmos, all mmos are time consuming but here you have to put even more effort in order to be at the door ready for the latest content with optimal builds.

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it is. I’m playing rest bonus simulator with my 6 characters and it still takes a massive amount of time, by just doing the good stuff.

Basically i relax from monday to thursday, the only thing i do before friday are vykas and Valtan.

On friday, i’ll:
Clear 2 boss rush weeklies on every alt and 5 mains
Clear 5 argos p3
Sell argos carry
Run chaos dungeons on main and alts
Guardians on main and alts (alts are doing albehastic, been better than night fox gold wise)
and trade skills

Its a huge time sink o.O

Only do rested guardians. Only do rested chaos on alts. You’ve now saved a lot of time and can even take up to 5 days off before “losing out” on rested bonus.

With a roster of 6 characters, play 2 characters a day. You cut your time spent to 33% but due to the rest bonus cycle, you will STILL gain 66% of the total rewards if you play all 6. Its how a lot of people with a legion of alts keep from getting burnout as they only play for a few hours but get close to the same materials that someone who playes for 6hours a day.

Example: Just going to use 30mins to do all dailies and 1000 gained materials for example.

Jonny Hardcore:
Plays 6 characters, takes 3 hours and gets 6000 total materials.

Ronnie Casual:
Plays 2 characters cycling rest, takes 1 hour and gets 4000 total materials.

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its a problem, the game is designed to take time.

“Recommended” 6 slots is definitely a problem. Ive cut back to 2 alts (plus main) and only do rested bonus.

IT IS A GAME and games are meant for entertainment. If you start losing that balance I would say you need a break from the game. I understand you might feel pressured to do more stuff, but in that sense it never stops does it? you have 6 characters, why not 7? Why not 8? Why not 18? So play as much as you enjoy it, doesn’t matter if you will be over leveled for content or it will be on ilvl. Or even a week or a month later, enjoy your life and enjoy the game. That is perfection in my opinion.

P.S. MMOs are generally made to be time consuming. LA is just made with a structure that is easier to track while other MMOs require grinding mob XYZ and have no way of knowing how much time you have spent if you don’t do it yourself. And there might be other games like LA, I haven’t played them and this kind of streucture was new to me and I enjoy it.

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I’ve done the math. If you are 1475 right now you can hit 1490 for brel on launch no problem playing 1 character if they are 1415+.

for 1475-1490 you need assuming average luck from Max Roll (which I’ve found to be pretty accurate)
2307 GHL
~69000 Guardian stones
~22000 Destruction Stones
284k Shards
42164 Raw gold

A daily set of chaos dungeons and Guardians for a 1475 generates roughly
10 GHL (bound)
15 GHL Unbound
1100 Blue Crystals
400 Red Crystals
6500 Shards

Considering we have around 4 to 5 months till brel let’s say it’s between those two so thats 130 days give or take and about 17 weeks of gold progress. Considering a 1475 character generates about 12k gold with the unas box that’s:

204k Gold
1300 Bound GHL
1950 Unbound GHL
143000 Blue Crystals
52000 Red Crystals
840k Shards.

And this isn’t including the 17 weeks of Guild shops, Pirate shops and any events that will run between now and then.

You can absolutely hit brel when it drops playing 1 character assuming you are ready for Kuku now. And it only gets exponentially easier if you have a alt roster set up.

Edit: forgot about Unas so it’s even easier on the GHL.

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You left out 2x feiton leap unas daily which is another 10 ghl/day, meaning you’ll get ~2600 bound ghl or ~2170 if you only do rested chaos but do 2x 4 leap unas per day.

Yeah added it in edit. It’s actually insanely reasonable to hit brel by launch even playing 1 character. The math was similar for kuku also assuming you were ready for vykas on launch altho that would have been a little more daunting

Such is every other MMORPG. Your point? If it is too much for your liking, it is the wrong game genre.
I recommend ARPGs. A few similarities to Lost Ark. You can play solo or with friends. You cannot fall behind anyone, unless you want to be on the leaderboard.


consider this

the game has to reward people willing to play for 12h a day
what about them?
or just fuck em and make it as casual friendly as possible?

most of the people left playing the game a semi hardcore to hardcore
semi hardcore utilizing rest
hardcore not utilizing rest

thats it

im playing 1h on weekdays and clearing rest and all raids and weeklies on weekends
which means it’s still a lot of time

but how about other games that are semi competitive

in D3 if you want to be a ladder warrior you have to play 12h a day minimum
going to take a piss sets you behind
PoE if you want to play the hardcore ladder there are people playing for 48+ hours at the start
you going to sleep puts you really really far behind

lost ark is by far the most casual friendly game i’ve played

league of legends?
if you want to play the ladder you can’t play less than 3 games per day and you have to play EVERY day
any day you take as rest your mechanics degrade
any week you take off your meta understanding degrades

lets be real now
nobody is forcing you play every piece of content every week
the game LIMITS you to 6 characters to PREVENT DEGENERACY
it does not tell you play 6 characters or you are a loser
it says bro 6 characters is a lot go touch grass for a bit

there are plenty of people that were weeks/months ahead of me in lost ark playing 1 character
one of my friends actually was valtan ready a month before me playing ONLY 1 character while i was playing 4

i was doing quests, adventure tome, completing side islands etc etc
him? he rushed the story and started the daily grind way before me and MILKED every piece of content he could that would give him materials

Neeko2lo also reached 1480 on 2 characters playing only 2 characters WAY before i hit 1460
just because you didn’t doesn’t mean you couldn’t


To put in perspective even if you are 1445 right now it’s actually pretty reasonable to hit Brel by launch if you play maybe 2 more characters.

The estimated push from 1445-1490 is

4916 GHL
90k Gold
152k Guardian STones
50k Destruction Stones
609k Shards

It’s very reasonable to get at least 1 character up there assuming you play some alts.

even if you don’t
the material prices are so low that you can even kinda buy them

1 1415 character generates 1k guardian 400 destruction stones and 25 ghls a day from dailies only
weeklies give you a lot
so the only limiting factor would be shards and gold
gold which can easily just be solved with a few drops

Like don’t get me wrong this game requires daily play. I just think that people are over emphasizing the number of alts you need to “stay relevant”. I’m a daily grinder and I grind my 7 character roster basically daily. But my goal is to hit 3 characters to Brel by launch and have the rest of my roster at 1445 at least if not some at 1475. I am not the average player but I also have far from the average players goals.

If you want to catch up from fresh I feel you. You likely aren’t going to be able to. But people are always going to be running Valtan and Vykas. Those aren’t going away. So just hone at your own pace and enjoy the content that you can. Requirements will eventually start going down as people just start super outgearing the content and waiting in lobby actually becomes more of a time drain than trying to get a full lobby of 1470+ especially for stuff like vlatan which becomes very easy. More buses become a viable option also as those prices go down as more people come up just like the argos buses.

Lost Ark respects your time.

Unless you want to do anything when it’s somewhat fresh and not just endless bus/carry.

Then Lost Ark expects you to disown your family, quit your job and move into a McDonalds WiFi and never log off


The sad thing is it’s not the hours, but the fact that 2200 of those hours is repeating the same content over and over again. And endless daily content loop of chaos/guardian/una on as many characters as you can stomach, even allowing for the 2x buildup doesn’t change that you are still doing the exact same thing you did since you first reach North Vern like 3 days into the game.

Legion Raids were fun to learn and are now just a rinse and repeat weekly activity for honestly very subpar rewards.

All of Lost Ark is about 200-300 hours of actual content stretched out for thousands and thousands of hours.

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that has always been your choice

a lot of players playing 1 character only since start are ahead of me on iLVL

if you want to stay with the whales as f2p you have to play a lot
but if you want to enjoy the latest content on our version you don’t have to pay and you don’t have to sell your life in the process

a lot of people bought into the fomo and speed running
it’s a mistake that a lot don’t want to admit to themselves

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It isn’t playing a lot or a little, it’s the mindless content that you play a lot or a little that is the burn out for most.

Ask any newer player how much they are enjoying trying to find progression runs for Argos/Valtan/Vykas these days and if they feel they didn’t miss out :slight_smile: