Lost Ark issues!

Hm, if I may to be honest. I am bored of this game so fast. There are many issues who I cant understand why not added or added in-game.

Video Settings

  • No Vsync? If I didnt miss it!
  • You cant click maximize to make it full in windowed mode? It seems you cant?


It is INCREDIBLE ANNOYING when you talk for quest - WHY on earth to add ZOOM IN EVERY TIME YOU TALK? It bothers me so much.,

I am sure it is great game, but it is not for me. It doesnt feel right and there are too many issues who need to solve, unfortunately! I am waiting for Diablo 4!

If they are the only things you dislike about the game and feel it’s not right for you, then I don’t think you would have been that interested anyway. I’m sure there is an option for v-sync and there is absolutely an option to go fullscreen, or borderless windowed.

What game have you played before that has fewer “Issues” than you’ve stated here for Lost Ark?

Proceeds to list three minor issues where one of them is a personal preference and exaggerates with his opinion.

I give you the point for V-Sync but the game is still in Beta + there’s a workaround.

If you e.g. choose “Windowed Mode 720p” then the “window” of the game will be on that size. In most cases you simply can’t click on “Maximise Window” like in your web browser to make the windows bigger. You need to choose another resolution for that.

IIRC the same applies for “Borderless Windowed Mode”.

The conversation thing is a personal preferences.