Lost Ark January Update Known Issues

Greetings Heroes of Arkesia,

Thank you for your detailed reports of the issues experienced following the January 18th Update. Our teams are continuing to monitor the status of game disconnects as well as the following issues listed here:

  • Opening the bracelet upgrade tab causes a game crash
  • Certain skin sets, such as the Arkesia skin sets, cause visual bugs on the Gunslinger class model
  • Some players are unable to use the guild donation feature. Attempting this shows a pop up indicating “Transactions are Restricted”
  • Weapon glow disappears when an Arkesia weapon skin is equipped
  • Characters left in Kalaja on the Vykas server may be unable to load into the game

The team is actively investigating, escalating, and working through potential solutions for these issues. While these are currently the most reported issues following the January update, we are continuing to track additional bugs as they appear. Your continued reports are appreciated, and we will provide updates as they become available.

Additionally, to clear up confusion surrounding the availability of Witcher emotes and stickers in-game, selfie mode stickers are unlocked on day 1 while emotes can be unlocked through upcoming dailies.

Thank you for your patience, and please stay tuned to this thread for additional updates.

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