Lost Ark launch ruined!

Thx for ruining tons of launch experiences including mine…starting unpacking on first sec still unpacking and my favorable server has 21k queue…2 hours unpacking with SSD about to finish and get into 30 min verifying process then instaling then hours of waiting in queue…not hyped anymore and i regret buying plat and gold packs for head start…you could ve given ppl fair headstart and held servers till steam is able to handle the numbers but ppl got in in 1st 10 mins got all the unique names we had saved…thx lost ark.


This the first time you played a game on launch day? Things break when millions of people try to log in at the same second.

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a total fail indeed, no mmo ever launched before to take example of…

Companies just want to pass it the cheap way with the least investment and max profit, cut on number of servers and capacity is usually the first thing, and then you fill the shop with cosmetics to milk those in = profit.


Ive seen tons of launches but none continued as if nothing happened…ppl got in in 10 min and some still trying to…so close servers and fix your servers then open up again so ppl can atleast start que normally but 2 hours unpack and 22k que 800/10min thats 3.5h of waiting in que…does that sound okay?

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damn, at least you were able to launch the game. steam wont even let me launch the game even after buying gold founders pack

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What? Don’t think I ever saw a game, specially a MMO take the servers down just so everyone can “line up” at the same time

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Yes its called delay launch am pretty sure you heard bout that.

Welcome to an MMO launch.


Exactly bruh…all these players are found pack users meaning amazon and steam had the numbers and they should ve predicted this…btw am still in queue 16k left…am not even gonna create a char on launch day and miss tons of rewards.

So, if you’re not new to MMO launches, are you new to the AGS experience?

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Server capacity issue is much worse than the platform launch bugs.

Man, I’ve been through my fair share of horrible MMO launches and this was actually the best one. I was able to instantly play in the NA West server, got every name I wanted and had no down time… That being said I feel for the ones who had issues as I’ve been there before with other games

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Speak for yourself?all servers r full in eu and unpacking took 2h and am still waiting 15k queue going by 800/10min so thats couple more hours?how is that best launch for ppl who baught a head start not even a free game yet…

Dude listn…can ppl stop sayin r u new to mmo launches??this is the p2p phase and all these numbers were expected…if a company as big as amazon and steam have the founder packs purchase numbers how would i fk up my release?

So, you’re new to the AGS experience then. Got it. No wonder you’re surprised by the situation.

no excuse since they could have learned from their NW launch.

Any news about servertransfer? Or ingame compensation for not being able to play the game 3 days before launch?

Took me 15 mins to unpack the game. Got straight in. Created 4 chars, got all but 1 of the names I wanted.

Played for 3 hours - all good.

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no news, there will probably be no compensation whatsoever, its amazon after all.

I’ve played a lot of games on launch day, and most of them had pretty significant issues. I’ve never seen a single one of them take the server down so people could “line up” again. It’s outrageous that people are so self centered and entitled that they think a game launch will roll back servers just because there were some unforeseen delays for a percentage of players.

You can consider it as there won’t be server transfers.

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