Lost Ark: Launch Update!

Heroes of Arkesia,

Good news! We were able to resolve all deployment issues delaying launch, and our new launch timing will be 2:15pm PT / 10:15 PM UTC. Thank you again for your patience while we worked through these final issues. We look forward to seeing you in Arkesia!


Please note that we are currently experiencing an issue affecting the Auction House for US West Servers. While we did not want this to prevent our launch from occurring today, we have unfortunately disabled the Auction House for US West servers until we’re able to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience, we will share updates when they become available.


The team is currently checking configurations regarding missing characters – we will be bringing servers back down while we resolve this issue. Apologies, and we will provide an update as soon as possible.


We have confirmed that no characters created during Head Start are missing or have been deleted. All characters created will be present upon login once the game is back up and running.


Lost Ark servers are online and ready for play!

We have found a fix for the missing characters and have pushed a new build configuration to Steam, so you’ll need to exit out of your client, update, and reload the game before you can play.

See you in Arkesia!!