Lost Ark Linux Support must be enabled!

While I searched for compatibality between programs like EAC and other ones I found Enabling EAC Support on Linux Through Proton is Now Even Easier - Boiling Steam which states clearly how to enable Linux (Proton) support for EAC on Non-EOS-EAC Clients.

This would mean that it is possible to activate Linux (Proton) support to play this game on OS’s like Pop_OS! which I am using.

Tbh I found it a shame that there is an opt-in to this and not a “beeing forced” to use this option because the way Microsoft drives Windows (latest news stating that you’ll need to store your credti card information … wait what? NO MS, NO!) is inaccebtable.

Also comparing Linux vs MS, Linux is more performant then MS. I mean, after booting up MS it eats up in idle arround 4-6 GB mem (out of 32 on my side) and Linux (my Pop_OS!) is only consuming 1.5 GB (out of 32 on my side).

Also over the years playing games on linux is worth then playing them on Mac and I don’t get it why stupied Mac has support for games but not Linux? I would definitly support MS and Linux but not Mac because on MC you should do your work and not play games on it (also original Mac’s are bad PCs because of outdated hardware).

In addition Linux isn’t then running in a VM so there is a real kernal access like on a normal windows installation. This means that you could check agains VM state or not and “prohibit gaming on a VM” but not on a Non-VM-Machine.

I would also say that without EAC Lost Ark would run smoothly on Linux. It could crash regarding to hardware, drivers and so on but this is then the PC Owners fault as long as the crash doesn’t occours on Windoes Version too.

So after all enabling the linux support like discribed in the post linked above looks to be easy so that I can enjoy doing stuff on my linux and playing that game there too instead of beeing forced to play it on windows and sometimes swaping back to linux todo other stuff.


Lost ark opens on linux but the server drop…

1-) Install apex legends;
2-) Install proton easy anticheat runtime (search on list of softwares in steam);
3-) Copy file easyanticheat_x64.so from apex legends into lost ark folder binaries/win64/EasyAnticheat folder.
4-) Open the game and the magic appear but the error 10010 before server list… Please let us play!!!
Sorry my low english but here is the steps to help play lost ark in Linux/SteamDeck…

You may have forgotten that not only the clint but also the server needs to have this unlocked?
It would be to easy if you’d only need to copy the required SO-Lib client side :thinking:

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I want play on linux please