Lost Ark not loading past Anti Cheat screen

Downloaded the game in Steam, unpacked and verified, but when I go to launch it I just get the anti cheat screen. After a few seconds it will close and that’s it. Looking in Steam is appears that Lost Ark is running, but it’s not running. Anyone have a similar issue?

I’m having this issue. I don’t know what to do about it, either.

It took a good minute after Anti-cheat screen disappeared to load. Give it a try. Are you loading from SSD?

It’s been about 15 minutes now and I’m running it off of SSD.

yeah, something is not right. try restarting steam or even pc

Thank you. It was more like 5 minutes for me, but the game finally started. :upside_down_face:

Tried that earlier, but worth another try. In Steam I hit Stop and it never stops. When I stop Steam it’ll say it’s waiting on Lost Ark to close.

time to remove your bot or hacks … Just joking… (bored of waiting in queue)

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The queue would be progress for me at this point. Just not sure if the issue is Steam, Lost Ark or PC related.

close steam then open resource manager if kist ark is running there close the 2 apps then restart the game , that worked for me . GL

try verify the steam files, maybe something when was unpacked went wrong.

Under which section did you see it running?

Didn’t see it listed under the Overview section so I can assume it’s not running. What a mess.

I tried that as well and it didn’t work. Time for another PC reboot.

I have an SSD and it loaded up after about 45-50 seconds of seeing that. Sorry you’re having issues.

try to run as admin from the file in the game folder or disable full screen optimization.

Check all game files in steam → dl missing files → restart Steam. That’s works for me

It’s taking me about 5 mins for the game to launch aswell.

Well I finally got in, but it took sometime.

Been wanting a new PC and I just recently bought a graphics card. I ended up returning that card and using the credit towards the PC. Installed Lost Ark, got past that anti cheat screen and now i’m in queue lol. No idea what was causing the issue but it was on the old PC most likely. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hey Guys,

So I think I have the answer… you know our good old friend Lighting Service?? yeah go ahead and end that through Task manager (if game doesn’t load after anti cheat). Worked for me.