Lost Ark on Geforce Now!

I know a lot of people that want to play Lost Ark, but they are not able to because their PC is way too thrash, and they use Geforce Now to play everything. But as Lost Ark isn’t on GF-Now yet, they are unable to enjoy it. I’m pretty sure that Lost Ark is going to be/already is a big hit, and bringing it to GF-Now now as fast as possible is the way to go!

Btw. I really appreciate that you brought the game to EUROPE and made it globally release.

Have a nice one, and I hope my post gets taken seriously…


It would be nice. My 2080 stutters a bit, and am curious to see it on GFN RTX 3080 tier. New World was a bit blurry on GFN, but hopefully TLA would be better.

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I think it’s totally necessary!

Like I don’t even need it, but so many friends of mine want to play, and they just can’t because they got a total garbage pc…

I really am hopeful that they will bring it. I just hope it will be in the near future.

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RTX 2080 should have no issues with this game. Make sure your pc drivers are up to date.

This seems similar to the DX11 optimization issues people have mentioned, but there are Nvidia drivers from 2/1 that I didn’t have. I will give it a try.