Lost ark on next gen with no crossplatform to pc

Believe it or not both ps5 and xbox x have the power to play this game no problem. And a major problem now and has been a issue is computer versions of the game running windows or mac are always going to have bots and hackers. When we look at games like Elder scrolls online and path of exile these games mostly the console ps4 and ps5 versions we see that not having them cross platform with PC hurts the game but also limits the bots and hackers to very very low levels. Not only that but Sony and Microsoft hold the right to permitly ban your account if caught and most people don’t want to lose their digital games because of that. Another hand they can simply offer a update and patch the exploit out on the console and even bring lawsuits on the disrupted if enough financial damage is done to destroy player experience on their platform.

After careful investigation PC platforms running Microsoft windows 10 and 11 have a 100times higher video game abuse rate for botting and hacking compared to the console counterpart. And Lost Ark would be interesting to see running on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox with with no cross platform to PC operating systems at all.