Lost ark Pass Scam?

Hello, i just bought the “lost ark PREMIUM pass”, after that u get free levels, and i clicked “CLAIM ALL”, that choosed for me the wrong chest from the free pass without asking anything, it just selected me the left column which is casually waaaaay worse than the right one, i want to revert this action, its kind of weird that u guys, give us that shit and make us choose between x1 ship part or x3 honning mats, and when u click “CLAIM ALL” it just picks u the trash left column, im so fkin mad right now…

Can i get the lost ark PREMIUM! pass revert? can i choose again? i didnt use anything of what i claimed, bc it was autoclaimed, thats a wrong mech for the pass, please help with that, its done wrong, its bad explained, its odd.


Same issue here bro. This GUI is very poor design, other games would give you a warning if you are happy to proceed.

I didn’t even realize it until my friend ask my how much mats I have in total. I also accidentally obtain those ship upgrade mats as I assumed “all rewards” in the patch notes.


Me too. I hit claim all and it gave me tools and ship mats. Lol. I’m level 20 on the pass too. So the only enhancement mats I got was the one from the premium pass. Feels bad man

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lmao. perhaps take a second to read before clicking? nvm, that’s too advanced for you.


“Read before you click”

Does “Claim all” somehow, in a twisted way, communicate to you something else than to me?
How should people know it auto chooses the first reward.

Think before you write shit like that. The Games Event Explanation is to blame for a lot of stuff this update and hopefully this gets better the next time with enough feedback.

Stop accepting mediocrity like this in your game and stop trying to get “good boy points” with AGS on the forum, they don’t give u anything for it.

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Its crazy that those “scams” always hit the people who mindlessly click stuff or dont read.

Hmm could it be that its not a scam but ur own fault?

Nah that would be insane to assume that people are at fault for their own choices…

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I mean. If people took 5 seconds to actually look at the Pass they’d see at the top it says “(Select 1)” for free rewards.

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who can read has a clear advantage funny that it didn’t happen to me because i can read stop punishing ags for your laziness and stupidity…sorry for this directness, i’m not a fan of ags either, but your howling around is enough

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Yeah, but the “claim all” button doesn’t communicate this.

Hey I luckily didn’t fall for it, but a good UI would just have a popup with an explanation when you press it, or a popup where you still need to choose for every level.

Just blaming players for bad design doesn’t lead to better design in the future and we should try to get that.

Also people that say this is AGS fault: It’s ingame and because of that it’s Smilegate’s fault.
They should have provided a better ingame explanation. AGS should have provided a better (than the patch notes) external explanation


That button might’ve only been an option because there was a level there which didn’t have a selection but yes it shouldn’t appear or at least should ask for confirmation (idk if it does any value losers to test?)

Still people should learn to read and pay attention instead of mindlessly clicking and then calling it a scam.


The amount of people who cant read blows my mind, and they blame AGS and SG for their lack of reading skills and just click click click, g spam, oh no I messed up, fix it or I quit. YIKES

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The lack of empathy on this forum blows my mind.
Why can people not accept that the Events UI isn’t great and can be missleading in various ways.
Why do those people not also strife for a better game instead of blaming the players that made a mistake due to bad game design and explanation.

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Should be pretty obvious when you “claim all” on a pass with choose 1 reward, it gives you whatever.

that isnt a gui issue. it’s an iq issue.


Weird, I clicked on that button. He claimed everything except the ones you have to choose.

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:rofl: made my morning

The UI here is really badly designed, it should not force a choice on you when you didn’t make a choice yet.

Either it needs to not activate Claim All option until you’ve chosen, or not claim the things you didn’t choose.

This is UX basics…


This has nothing to do with empathy.

Cause why should we feel sad about people who fuck up (which is preventable by reading or not insta clicking everything)

And then they go to the forum to call it a scam.
Blame amazon. Smilegate. The pope and the holy spaghetti monster. Before they would even consider that maybe. Maaaaaayyyybe they are at fault.

People who blame others and dont reflect that it could be their fault do not deserve any empathy.

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I wanted to do the same thing but I explored and investigated first and picked up every lvl reward separately .
You can also pick every reward before you click CLAIM ALL , and by default value first reward window is marked .
I got way to much experience as a 40 year old gamer with this king of thins , after some time it becomes something like 6th sent :v:

Also there is people that are 1400 already but they neglected their ships or want to have every ship maxed out in the game so those resources can help a lil :yum:

Thank you all for the feedback, some additional communication with the ‘claim all’ button would be great. I’ll pass this on to the team.

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