Lost Ark Pet Rework?

Hi Devs! I would like to discuss about pet feature in Lost Ark…
i kinda feel underwhelmed about pet feature in Lost Ark… ya know~
the best pet feature that i’ve experienced in MMO’s is in Battle of Immortals, the pets are able to bonk monsters alongside player, this feature rly makes a super low damage dealer class like Gunlancer or Bard able to standout in the battle field… and it encourage ppl to not keep following the meta, so they wont hesitate to choose any class they want, because they can have a pet who can help them fight no matter what role they are using.

I am not talking about a pet who do “100 dps” while the tank role do “1000 dps”, i am talking about a huge a** dmg that close to the meta dps… if a meta dps can do “100.000 dps” then the pet should do around “90.000 dps”, i mean MMO’s r not supposed to have “Meta Class” when player keep changin their main to keep up with the game, i mean i am always a tank oriented player in MMO’s and i always want to be, i like wearing bulky badass armors with a gigantic shield… but idk man~ the MMO’s nowdays are having something called “Meta”, those who can deal enough damage/CC/whatever… to beat the rescent raid or something will be loved while the others won’t even have a chance to join them, being rejected for playing a role that you loved is pain in d a**, i know this is a ridiculous suggestion, but i hope you consider it… because no matter how many new class you make, you will just make the players feel “Eww” if they are not usefull enough or strong enough, i know some ppl doesn’t even care about meta… and they just play what they like as they like… but once they know the fact that nobody want to play with their class… they will just feel bad and might stop playing… and all i can think to balance every class… is by giving them the same opportunity from “Pet” like i’ve experienced from Battle of immortals, there is no hate among class in that game, you can play any class you want without worried being useless.

I know you try to min max every class in the game… but i will give you one more sight about the current tank in the game “Gunlancer” i really like playing this class at first, but by the time… i realize there are many class that deals more dmg, survive better, more mobile, better AOE, better CC etc… i will give u an example, this happens alot in Lost Ark, “the boss attack pattern” most of the boss have a circular AOE attack that dangerous for any melee class, imagine there are two different classes a Gunlancer and a Sorceress doing a boss fight, when the boss doing a circular AOE attack the Gunlancer and Sorceress have the same chance to survive, the Gunlancer can just sponge the damage with his skill, while the Sorceress can stand outside the circle, but the problem comes when you comparing their performance… both of them can survive we agreed… there is no doubt about that, but in the other hand… Sorceress can “Still” doing a huge a** damage to the boss while the Gunlancer just poking the boss all the way… i mean how can this be fair? there is no satisfaction being a Tank in this game, because who cares… you can also survived for not being a tank, the tank roles keep losing their purpose in this game, yes Gunlancer can gives his party member Shields if they make mistake… but the end game content are about boss doing a one shot damage, what i can suggest is please give a tank something stronger than high Stagger… maybe Ultra Stagger that can cancel the boss one shot attack, so ppl in the party can cheer the tank, give the tank a satisfying feeling to play, rather than just stand like a sponge, aint giving contribution to the party, i know that sounds overpowered, but… thats one way to make it fair, and make the pet better, can slap and bonk hard… i mean there is no way a tank can be MVP in the current state of the game, else an overgeared tank they helping newbies in the raid… but thats obvious… i mean everyone likes compliment and satisfying feeling when playing games, which i cannot find in the current Tank in the game “Gunlancer”.

So please make the game better…
i promise you, you won’t get anywhere even if you release 100 classes, you will just keep min maxing until the very end of Lost Ark…

make every class to fullfil their purpose


Tank a huge buff for Stagger, Shields, Aggro, Defense.
DPS a huge buff for Damage, mobility, nerf their HP and Defense.
Healer a huge buff for Heal, Cure, Party Buffs, or even Ressurect party member.
and add pet who can deal damage for all content to help Tank and Healer to enjoy their content

and the last thing you need to do is just min maxing their performance to decide whos the MVP,

give a tank ++score by how they doing the Stagger
give a DPS ++score by how they DPS fast enough
give a healer ++score by how they keep the party survive, not by percentage of their healing, i saw alot of healer getting MVP in chaos dungeon… i mean… you wont die in chaos dungeon anyway, you have to compare healer n DPS in the right way, see if the DPS can beat the time you set like in speedrun or smt… its ok to not gives a healer MVP in chaos dungeon, they will shine in raid or harder content, so as tank… the way to satisfy healer and tank in content like chaos dungeon is by looking at their pet doing a huge AOE damage, by that… they can helping the team to proceed, everyones win.

i know this is too much for an input… but i hope LostArk being a better MMO’s!