Lost Ark PVP mode is GREAT and I will PROVE why!

First of all let me tell you about me, I have played nearly every single PVP mode in every MMO in the last 20 freaking YEARS! I have more than 1000 pvp games in lost ark and currently I am at the diamond tier, so I know one thing or two about mmo pvp. I keep hearing people crying about how unbalanced and how terrible lost ark pvp is, I know it is not perfect (no game in the universe is) but let me show you some points that make lost ark pvp ONE of the best in all mmo pvp history!
1- Lost ark is one of the VERY FEW successful mmos where all gear and stats are equalized in PVP. If you truly like pvp you know that is such a insanely POSITIVE point! Just take a look at games such as world of warcraft and black desert, you need to play at least 2-4 months to get top tier gear to finally start playing pvp with the same chance of winning. I remember playing WoW wrath of the lich king and because I was able to “Nolife” the game i was able to get shadowmourne and every other bis item there was really fast, and even though I was TERRIBLE at pvp I was winning the majority of matches just because my equips where insanely superior than my opponents, and a GAME where a BAD player wins many matches in pvp is BAD GAME, after all isn’t the official rule of fair play “may the best player win” ?.
2- In lost ark class nerfs/buffs don’t “destroy your life” do you know why? If a class you play is nerfed to oblivion you can always EASILY switch to another class because of two factors, 1- you don’t need to grind gear to play pvp. 2- you don’t need to grind XP to play pvp (there are tons of isnta 50 lvl mechanics, and even if you don’t want to boost a char, you just need to lvl it to 26, ant that just takes a few hours at most). I remember getting my bloodelves passive nerfed in wow and ALL the hundreds of hours grinding XP and equips were wasted. So if your class is nerfed you can nearly instantly create one of the other 15 classes and play with it.
3- “Lost ark pvp is unbalanced” oh my…. Have you EVER played any other mmo pvp? Just look at the wow wotlk 2x2 leaderbords, at least 80% of the top 20 are ARMS WARRIOR AND HOLY PALADINS! And even if you sincerely believe one or three classes are overpowered, you always have the option to nearly instantly create one of those “overpowered classes” and show everybody how easy is to win with them right tough guy? I have seen people achieve high ranks with every single class in lost ark, and usually in the top 20 of every server there is quite a range of different classes represented, I can assure you that the diversity of classes at the top leaderbords in lost ark is one of the biggest in ALL mmo pvp gaming history!
4- Since you don’t need to grind xp or equips you can play all classes in pvp and TRULLY understand them, its hard to understand a class just by reading about their skills or watching videos. Take my example, I was struggling against death blades, but after I created one and played a few matches I got a really good understand about the class, and now I know their cooldowns, super armors, etc and I can bash their heads. Few games give you the opportunity to play every single class in pvp without grinding xp/equips like a maniac, do you have any idea how many weeks do you have to play to get all classes max lvl and full pvp gear in world of warcraft? It takes YEARS! And when you finally do it there will come a new patch/expansion that will render all your gear obsolete.
5- I can’t overstate how amazing is playing in even fields due to the stats equalization system is, like when I am playing berserk and another berserk destroy me in a 1x1, I KNOW that I lost the duel because HE WAS BETTER THAN ME! I can’t use a generic excuse like “hey that no life nerd had better equips/stats than me! That is not fair he only won because of that!” I lost the duel because I was outplayed and that is a fact! every single mechanic/skill he had access I also had access! That gives me such a peace of mind that even when I lose, I can’t get really pissed at the game because I know that deep down a good part of the blame for losing is mine.
6- The game has insane outplay possibilities, and the best way to prove that is to see the elimination mode, where it’s not uncommon to see a guy playing death blade beat 3 other death blade players in row!

Now, Let me give you some decent tips about PVP in lost ark and that also can be applied to many other mmo pvps.
1- Know all types CC (crowd control) and all types of super armor. I am sorry but if you don’t know the difference between paralysis immunity and push immunity you really can’t complain about losing! You need to master the “super armor X crowd control game” when the enemy launches a stagger attack you use your paralysis immunity skill, when he launches a push skill you use your push immunity skill, its like a rock paper scissors game, and if you lose it’s quite likely that you will get hit with a high damaging combo.
2- Keep track of the enemies Cooldowns, specially their roll, get up, super armor and hard CC skills.
3- Don’t try to reinvent the wheel! Use the skills that are in the meta, or do some little changes. There a plenty of places where you can find the meta builds, and remember, the meta exist for a reason… and it exists in every single pvp game ever! You can win with a completely unique and custom offmeta build? YES! But trust me its going to be harder.
4- Keep your enemies at the left and right of your screen, because it allows you to be hidden. And remember to set the 21:9 Aspect Ratio if you want to abuse this. You can essentially “off-screen” someone from their field of view if done correctly
5- there are plenty of guides out there that show crucial details about every class, or if you want just go ahead and make a new char and play with the classes you don’t understand.

If you just want to have some fun, get extra honing materials, etc just play the pvp normal mode…. But if want to compete and climb high in the excruciating pvp ranking ladder… prepare to truly study the game! You need to know every single pvp skill in the game, the cooldowns, the cc types, super armors, class combos, positioning etc and that is just the tip of the iceberg! And the golden rule for all high tier pvp players is “do you wanna win? THEN CARRY your team or die trying!” if you were not the match mvp or at least your team mvp you can’t really blame others…. Flaming will never help your, you need to OWN your mistakes and try to improve, I know there will be games that your team will be so bad that it will be impossible to carry them, but I can guarantee that at least 80% of matches are possible to win if you can carry hard enough.

Overall in my point of view lost ark pvp has some flaws, speacially when talking about MMR… but it is clearly one of the best mmo pvp systems EVER created!

*sorry for the bad English, not my native tongue.


That’s a nice novel you have there lol

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No it’s not, unless you haven’t played any actual PVP MMOs in the history. Also, it lacks any kind of fun formats for your average players, which is the reason why the PvP of this game is dead. It’s great if you are super sweaty and enjoy the ranked climb, but beyond that the PvP is absolutely dog shit.


Dude DAoC for me had the best pvp followed by UO.

Totally agree mate, i am having tons of fun in pvp and really enjoying doing it… Its the main reason i play the game, the only mmo which comes close in my mind in terms of pvp is GW2

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If you suffer being CCd to death it means only pvp for you are FPSes here, pvp without CC locks will be too boring and killing anyone with only avaiabale stuns would be impossible.

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Let me tell you a thing about pvp in LA.
Knowing CC is worth shit. One class has endless “pushes”, another one has shittons of immunity when you can’t do shit to them. And then there are classes that has two CCs and zero immunity, locked in constant enemy CCS.
I’m not going to play “meta” characters to have fun in PVP, and you know there IS a meta, and there is no balance in PVP since Top rank places are dominated by the same characters.
Better, Top ranks are using alts to play PVP, because they know very well their mains are not suitable to for this.

PVP is fun if you play 3 or 4 certain characters. Not for the rest of players.


Just curious, have you tried PvP in Continent of The Ninth Seal(C9)? like the good old balanced pvp.

Tell me you don’t know how to play pvp without telling me you don’t know how to play pvp:


pvp is dead? where? i get matches in lesss than a minute.

This is the pvp leaderboard right now in my server, so you were saying that they were all playing the same classes right? take a look

Too long didn’t read any of it. Disagree. No premade competitive PvP…? What the fuck Smilegate.

short version is: pvp in lost ark is good because:
1- items and stats makes no difference in pvp, the best player wins, not the best xp/equip grinder.
2- the top 20 in every server shows many different classes, proving that there is a decent balance in pvp.
3- you can create a new class and play pvp whenever you want without having to grind xp because of several boost mechanics.

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My view on PvP. I had fun but it’s getting boring.


  1. Interesting system with cc structure
  2. Different classes are balance in more cases, of course with some exceptions - supports and deadblade
  3. Interesting PvP XP tier system with good rewards
  4. Equal stats


  1. No matchmaking at all - 2 supports in one team vs team without it (every second game is like that), people with 1000lp vs 2300lp, full premades in normal vs randoms, same with co-op mode.
  2. Only arena maps, the different one is available only for 2 hours daily.
  3. Support shields full absorbation is broken, they need to make it the shield to absorb only % of the damage

And yes PvP is dying. You can get matches every minute but most of the people play it for the mats, not because they have fun.

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Ofc you find matches in less than a minute, when the matchmaking don’t give shit who it puts into those matches. If the matchmaking was proper you would be waiting +10 minutes or not get matches at all. So yes the PvP is pretty dead in this game.

it’s more a moba gameplay than a mmo gameplay tho.
Lost ark pvp is fun tho , remind me battlerite .

wish we had more battlegrounds tho.


that’s because in every server the top 20 are the same ppl smurfing on every ladder tho.

Lost ark pvp is great, i agree it is best mmo pvp system what i saw, but hate fact, there is only 1v RNG competetive choice, you cant carry team, it is imppssible, played hundred games with mvp on loosing side, i cant climbe from silver becouse i am unlucky with teamates that have everytime both less dmg, and they eat rly big amount of dmg, better it would be had 1v3 like this, i know i am unlucky with 400+ fails on 1400 ilvl, and i wanted play pvp for fun with friends but i cant, becouse they want play only competetive,( it is boring still winning against newbies in normal 3v3 mode), it is sad have Team deathmatch without TEAM!!! hate this mode…

for my personal taste the pvp in LA has WAAAAAY too much stagger and stuns …

its not fun playing a class that doesnt have a lot of super-armor just to be stun/stagger-locked everytime anything hits you.

some classes are OBVIOUSLY a lot better than others and some classes are borderline OP with how many positives they have while having almost no negatives.

the equalization is a good thing but the matchmaking is garbage.
no differentiation between solo-queue and pre-made-queue for matchmaking isnt fun either (esp since as stated above, matchmaking is garbage)
and lastly, there is only arena-pvp …

yep battlegrounds would be amazing! and i think they can do that some day, just look at the racing mod, etc they proved that they can do some custom maps, etc so i guess we will get some kind of battlegrounds in the future.