Lost ark pvp rewards where?

According to a video I watched there used to be courage tokens and pvp rewards (in the RU servers). Where are they in the NA/EU servers?? Why did they not add them? Did they reworked the whole thing and these videos are now outdated? I just started pvping in the game and im sooo confued

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When the ranked arena comes , they give us the marks and the rewards , so we need just w8 for this moment but it’s a ridiculous that we can’t get it now

Yea its kinda weird there not out yet and assumed to come when they release ranked, but youll be able to get honeing mats titles, seasonal mount and an aura thingy. Some like the mounts/titles will require you to be a certain none ranked rank if that makes sense which is based off how many battlepoints you earned that week vs others on your server.