Lost ark QUE times

Just throwing this out there, not sure the server sizes.

But ques weeks into release are still aids.

and lost ark havent done a thing to address this specially for NA players.

OCE player as well, Not the lost ark give to f’s about players out this way.

Love getting dc’d randomly and thrown back into 10k ques.

Steam charts the next few months considering they keep doing what they doing (sweet f all)

Just move out. I know it sucks. But I was on the very same situation you are. Had a “meeting” with my friends and we all moved out. Now it’s good

yeah thnking about it, but F starting again. Hopefully they pull their heads in

Player numbers are already declining by almost 30% since last week.
Good news: the queues will be getting shorter
Bad news: you will be playing alone with some bots within a few weeks.

Yeah I known but to be honest, in 3 days I progressed as much as I did in a whole week there. So you will catch up nicely

Queues are getting longer on some servers and you have already long queue in the morning.
The servers are already filled with bots blocking free slots.

When you look at the steam charts the numbers are going down. We just have to patiently wait few months and the queues will be much shorter.