Lost Ark really could've been "that game". But they fucked it up

Give this game to any other publisher, this game would at least be half decent.

Yeeee give it to another publisher, so they caN p2w the shit out of the game. If u even can call lost ark a “game” :rofl:

To quote Travis Hackett from The Quarry: Shaddup!

Amazon is the BEST publisher Smilegate could have picked, because no matter how much Smilegate mess up people will always blame Amazon instead.


Lol big true.

Doubtful. Smilegate dragging their asses.

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they did not find a publisher in years…
Y’all should be glad Amazon was there for the Job!
noone else would…

I think they’re doing fine mostly. It’s probably taking action against RMT / botting things like making infinite chaos mats bound were a bit late.

Not the “best” but in the category with ActiBlizzard …they are like twins …

You know what’s funny? There’s a bunch of things AGS changed for our version that are p2w in KR. One example is pet bonus’, those 10% stat increases you get to choose at whim? In KR they’re not only randomly rolled, they’re also a random percentage from 1-10%.

Now tell us all about the Yoz jar.

Lmfao, why It’s a shitty lootbox system. You don’t have to agree with everything a company does to give credit where credit is due.