Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed Error 10010..!

Dude, have you seen how overwhelmingly loud the people spam posting about bots are?

Yeah AGS definitely gonna do something to make the constant screeching stop XD.


this is a pretty old post

yes i am a bot that also posts in forum

dense much?

and because I whale so much and RMT the most out of everyone, I am not even lvl 1370 :slight_smile:
sounds about right.

the thing is that I don’t give a damn about bots because they doesn’t influence my gaming experience in the slightest. There are many ways to combat bots, instead of this.

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This update is new though.


Don’t be TOXIC, Why should you use VPN in E.U. What are you afraid of, ppl can block the location on Windows without using VPN.

I love how hindsighted these comments are lmao.

I don’t think anyone is supporting bots, we all want to lower their presence and impact on the game, as they are a cancer. But this “fix” (that doesn’t actually stop bots) harms tens of thousands of real people that are part of the community and soul of the game. Does the desired end justify any means, even when those means dont work to achieve that end?


but Roxx didnt mention when they implemented the VPN block. I know people still playing right now with a vpn

You mean like yours of basically accusing me of RMT or running bots because I got locked out of the game for playing legit?

true dat

if i understand their comment correctly, it won’t kick you out of the game but you will not be able to log back in

It is unfortunate that it came to this… but not surprising given their track record in dealing with the bot problem up to this point. Its a desperation measure for sure.

Most people are just heavily driven by feelings, FOMO, VERY SHORT TERM effects and contrarian reactionism. In other words, nothing constructive.

Meanwhile literally no one says this about KR region who has a far more strict form of this.

It all flowcharts to oblivion anyway. ANY outcome can be flowcharted to a massively negative game crushing chunk of hyperbole because no one actually wants the best for a game. It’s not this game, its virtually every game in the last 10 years that has to deal with this cancer.

She pinned it in the news section now so it is new as of today.

If you have friends connected currently with a VPN that would confirm my other question about active blocking… odds are when they disconnect they will no longer be able to reconnect.

VPN ban is basically the only effective way to stop people from mass creating accounts short of keeping track of stuff like national IDs for which AGS would have to deal with many different international laws. It’s unfortunate but this VPN ban does work as can be seen by other regions such as KR and JP. For people saying just ban Chinese IP addresses even if they did that the bots would just get around it with a VPN which is exactly why they are tackling VPNs now.

Welp. That sucks.

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It does. Sorry dude :sweat:

you mean like the steam trusted account? xD

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The worst way it hurts me so bad

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Steam trusted accounts is just a timegate. You can see how well it worked as soon as one month had passed since the initial AGS announcement. After one month passed and bots gained trusted status they were basically back in full (if not greater) force.

I’m not sure i understand the argument “no one says this about KR which is strict”. Does the lack of complaint mean that the draconian methods are correct?

If every game has to deal with botting, then why not try targeting what creates the incentive for the bots to exist instead of trying to cast a wide net that will target many innocents in the process? Bots exist because they want to earn money and will exploit things in the game that allow them to ear resources that can be traded for real money. Targeting those methods would be far more effective than banning so many people from playing at all.

Oooor or maybe it’s just a response after seeing this thread? I dunno man. Talking to quite a few people I know that uses VPN and they said they can still use vpn