Lost Ark Shop Unstable

Since April 2nd I’ve been experiencing an issue with the Lost Ark Shop; Upon entering it has a long load only to say that
I have not had an issue before then and other members in my household and other friends are also stating they are having the issue as well.

Yes I already checked my connection; I checked to make sure I am not losing packets; and yes I did verify my game files since then with nothing helping to fix the problem.

Hi @Melavin.

I’m so sorry that your are experimenting issues with the connection in Lost Ark and you can open the Lost Ark Shop.

I want to share with you this link which contains other troubleshooting steps that you haven’t tried and that may help you with your problem.

Once you have completed these steps, if you still have the problem please contact our live support so that we can continue to help you with this problem and to make a ticket to the Devs team so that they can further investigate what is happening.

Here the link to contact live support channel:

Contact Us | Amazon Games.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

Thank you for your response. I had already checked those things prior and have reached out to live support regarding the issue. Hopefully they can find a fix for the currently problem! So thank you for that link. :chipmunk:

You’re welcome!

I’m glad the live support channel can help you further with this issue and hope they can find the solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

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You have a nice day too!! Hopefully they do it already has been escalated :slight_smile: I’m sure over time a solution will be found!

Unfortunately this still has not been fixed. I have noticed serveral other posts popping up with the same issue with little to no answers as well just messages directed to support. Support e-mailed me this… (Yes I blacked out the person’s name so people won’t bother this nice fellow whose been trying to help)

to which non of the following have fixed the issue.
I also have Lost ark already set on DirectX 11

And am still getting this error
Which is not only preventing use of store; it is also preventing purchase of Royal Crystal.

Other posts with similar issues:

I’ve had this problem for 2-3 weeks now and it’s definitely on their end, not ours. I have no idea why they are providing us with non-working solutions - it only speaks for that they don’t know what is causing this problem and how to solve it. Disable IPv6, seriously lol?

I hope they can fix it fast and I understand that these take time but so many weeks without being able to use the in-game shop feels infuriating.

Edit: Also, I want to add that I tried all steps to fix it. Not working.

Waiting again. Just keeping update for all who have similar issue.

What gets me though is how because my dxdiag said i was running DirectX12 that is apparently did not matter the game forces you in setting to either DirectX9 or DirectX11 (which doesnt change issue regarding store regardless which is selected). Several people I know in game and irl have been experiencing the same problem and frankly though I know sometimes it takes awhile to find fixes… feels like this is being over looked as a whole. Hopefully eventually there will be a fix for this but for now we wait sadly.

Experiencing the same problem with no resolution yet. I’ve been getting the connection to the lost ark shop server is unstable error since at least April 2nd. I cannot buy royal crystals and I know this is effecting a lot of customers, so effectively by them not fixing this issue they are losing themselves thousands of dollars.

I’ve been patient but this better be resolved soon.


My issue was resolved this morning by doing nothing more than opening up the game and checking the shop as I normally do every day. Something changed on LA end. Hope you all have the issue resolved as well.

Wooo Glad to hear that your problem got solved! sadly tho I just logged in to check mine and the issue is still there on my end. Happy Easter tho! :rabbit2:

Sorry to hear that its not resolved for you. I have a sneaking suspicion that something was corrected manually on LA’s end in my case as nothing changed for me for three weeks until I opened a ticket through chat support and made my thread yesterday here. Although, I’ve had no communication regarding my ticket.

It may be speculation on my part but after weeks of troubleshooting with no resolution on my end thats the conclusion I came to.

I’m hoping you get your error fixed swiftly.

Would really like to buy the battle pass but shop still not working…

Right? sadly still have no word or fix for this problem.

I reached out to support; to which after a short bit they Responded and sent me an e-mailed copy of their suggestions after requesting them e-mail it because obviously I would lose instructions if I restarted pc doing following things.

So None of this worked. Still waiting. Been 11 days since last response to which I had to reach out to them and at least 18 days + since issue arose. Still counting :expressionless:

Still having this problem

Sadly same; honestly stopped playing the game for now; Though i know sometimes ppl need time and such, the lack of communication involving the issue is depressing. They haven’t reached out to me since I previously reached out to them and still have no response and it doesn’t seem like they care enough to try to figure it out at this point. :expressionless: Hopefully eventually there is a fix til then I honestly don’t think I, or several of my other friends will be touching this game til then.