Lost Ark & Silver

Well I even did lopang etc. on my alts I’m about to cry

What ya’ll thinking about the silver problem/issue
I mean I wanted to buy it from the PVP vendor but the prices are a joke

everything above 1370+ is a pain send me silver kekw

Currently 1360 in-game with zero alts.

Am I likely to lose 4 million just trying to reach 1370?!

Let’s be honest homie, you only made this thread to show off your batberry mango smoothie of a character.


I thought we were up in arms about gold rather than silver today? Or are we back complaining about silver :open_mouth:

depends on your luck, but also after 1370 it’s lot more, so 5M will barely get you to 1375-1380.

Apparently, Korea has silver in the in-game store?

I’m not a whale but I can happily wait until that is an option to not deal with the fun that is Lopang on 9 alts every day.

yes they do & they have other sources not available yet here with legion region currency (1475+).

I mean, you can trade gold for silver or get it from the guild trader, too, I don’t know the transaction rates but I know it’s possible.

Possible but with the current market prices, quite an unattractive option.

Basically, you can do 5 solid days of una tasks, trade these in for 2 x Large chests (assuming you are T3) for 2,400 gold, and then convert this back for…

200,000 silver. Just doesn’t quite seem worth it especially as that same gold can get you 570 Crystals at the moment.

The rates are 100g for 10k silver, 1000g for 100k silver. Not very economical. 1000g → 100k silver will get you ~4 taps, alongside the nearly 600g it’ll cost + mats (shards, crystals, solars, books, etc.)


the more you go beyond 1360+ the more you’ll need alts in T3 for gold & silver

4million is nothing brother :smiley:

I had 5millions, 2 days ago and now im at 200k


I had like 7 mil qnd now i have 700k

we clearly need a solution for this problem

No but you can burn up 4m easy with some Adventure log food items in about 5min kek.

Part of the issue is the constant shredding of your Silver count by small travel costs and other things just constantly eating into any daily grind gains you may have had.

even with Lopang unless the alts are all in T3 the payout is reduced and isn’t honestly worth it.

You have no idea how much silver you need to get perfect gem rolls, faceit ability stone, and hone. I spent 5 mil on just gems, there are no good ways to farm silver.

ppl think you can easy get silver in 1 day to do alot of stuff XD

Even lopang ain’t saving me at 1370…it’s rough. And you can only get so many masterpieces to redeem silver chests