Lost Ark & Smilegate (check here please)

This video is made by Stoopz and hopefully LA Dev’s and moderators can forward this and hopefully fix the issues <3

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Banned from KR in 3…2…

ah, the guy that say that “lost ark is the mmo that respect your time”…


lol dont let meme die bois

And Kanima in typical Kanima fashion found and argued every point Stoopz made :rofl:

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he is the definition of the guy that knows the game is bad but doesnt want it to improve cause then he couldnt complain or shittalk others for complaining
and just repeats the same daily habits his entire life without wanting to improve
always finding excuses

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Kanima? Stoopz? Both? All of us?

I think he is mentioning Kanima

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I forgot all about that… :smile:

To be fair I dislike Kanima and the content he creates. Either he’s attacking low hanging fruit that’s outside of any important topic just to shit on someone or he’s attacking people who do have valid concerns and putting them down for raising those concerns.

Also, Stoopz is a BoZo :stuck_out_tongue:

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but objectively stoopz atleast trying to better the game ig, well his own career also kinda depends on the game’s success
until he can play something else atleast


Stoopz is this the same guys that sell this game at the beginning and said:

“This game respect your time”.

“This game is Alt Friendly”.

Now he is complaining because most players discover that LOA is the opposite of the above 2 points.

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I’d say his experience in RU/KR didn’t translate well over to NA and his opinion changed with time.

There was a point I also thought LOA respected your time, was alt and progression / F2P friendly and wasn’t your typical poorly designed money grab like most other KMMOs of this type.

Stoopz is passionate about the game and while I personally don’t watch him (I really don’t watch much in term of Streamers to begin with) he is probably one of the better content creators in terms of actually caring about the game and it’s problems overall

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Stoopz gets paid like all of the other streamers. He’s an entertainer. For who I have no idea because those view counts are real bad for Lost Ark across the board compared to three months ago.

he’s right tho
if you play support

Used to like Kanima. I know how his logic works, but in the end he’s making it hard for more casual players to enjoy this game by supporting gatekeeping to the full extent.

I played with 4x3 engraving players and still pass kakul very easily. We should do something to reduce gatekeeping in this game.


But he’s not wrong tho. It’s fucking hypocrisy. If every dude who cries about gatekeeping in forum wouldn’t gatekeep himself the wouldn’t be a problem. It’s because most ppl gatekeep themself while don’t want to get gstekeeped.

“we can play kakul with 3x3 easy.”

  • yeah but why should I? I didn’t geared all my alts 5x3 to do 50% dps each gate. I did it to find other ppl 5x3 to 20 min clear this run.

Casual player can play with casual player and don’t need to join 5x3+1 full stacked reclear groups. Do they maybe struggle with mechs? Sure! But we all did on the first try. Let them have some funny moments. And maybe stop bussing them so everyone can play fucking orbs in reclear valtan.

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agree on the bussing part though. The way koreans buss is not because they don’t know how to play mech, it’s because they don’t want to gear up their alts. Totally different for us. But sadly our culture isn’t going to change anytime soon.y

sadly true. I just wish smilegate will do something to incentivise “enough” gatekeeping and de-centivise “over” gatekeeping.

Need 1520 to do Caliligos really? I played with full 1490 party and we still finish within 4 minutes. Never failed once. Why 1520? why 5x3? why??

It’s true that the game is alt friendly, only the roaster level wise. All other contents not so much.

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Same argument I did already. If I’m 1520 5x3 I want to play with equal geared dudes. If I’m 55% cruel fighter on my 1530 char after 3:30 I could also finish the guardien 40 seconds early er with only Upright in an equally geared group.

You guy might say “40 seconds faster is nothing” but why shouldn’t I do it? What’s my benefit from taking 1490 4x3 over 1530 jacked 5x3 some 9er gems? There is none.

Its different if some 1500 plebo only accepting 1520+ chars. He obviously wants to get carried. But if he brings a sup friend ppl will join him. Sometimes it’s faster this way then looking for a sup urself. In the end its super hard to argue about gatekeeping in guardien. We all just want to finish them asap. So the biggest “gatekeeper” are supports.