Lost Ark & Smilegate (check here please)

problem is thats mostly its not their fault
they can be picky so they go with best they can find

its plain bad designed game tbh

Actually with this in mind u can’t be mad about gatekeeping dps. If u need the best possible group to attract some lone support u won’t take any char which doesn’t look top notch.

yea for sure there is no point to be mad for gatekeeping on community, its comming off game design
ppls just want to do their shit without posibility of extra time waste
its similliar in any game although usually gearing process itself is not streached for months so being for example gatekeept from m+ 15 will block you for week or 2 when just doing M+ 10-13 untill you bump up your gear & rating will be enough, getting affixes thats favour your class/spec utilities is also a thing :wink:
and yea healer have it a bit easier also but not to that extent as its here

bad designes make some problems out of proportions

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