Lost ark south vern story vs pass

Ok so should I do the south vern story or buy the pass by spending 10 € why am I asking is cuz I would love to get my summoner to 1490 as fast as possible plus not spend as much resources. But the thing I worried about is the XP the summoner will lose by not compleating the story / some rando cards but if I do not buy it I need to spend gold to get to 1370 + then do the story + do all things.

So i have no clue what is your opinion ?

my anwser knowledge transfer

my opinion is to not rely on strangers to tell you how to have fun or spend your money. I suggest you do the story because if you dont you miss a ton of roster xp and card packs but just do what is most fun for you. you get roster xp from everything the the packs will prolly be useless anyway

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south vern is really fast if you speedrun it. like 2 hours if even that.

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Do it for the cards, don’t skip it.

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