Lost Ark Store doesn’t work

Hello! I’ve had this issue since launch
My store doesn’t work I am unable to purchase royal crystals
I try every day and it doesn’t succeed.
I have attempted enabling steam overlay and disabling but it makes no difference

Every now and they when I re-install the game I can use the store once to buy crystals but no more after that

Any solutions?

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I was having an issue as well, and I found that if I put money on my Steam account first, then go into the game and purchase the crystals it seems to work better. Have you tried that?

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No I haven’t but thank you I’ll do that!

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If you are able to open the store but the actual purchase fails you may try enabling this in steam settings:

“Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”
“Use Desktop Game Theatre when launching desktop games while SteamVR is active”

For whatever reason you cannot actually complete a purchase unless both of these are selected.


Same problem here, i can’t buy royal crystal etc etc…

this fixed the issue for me, Thank You

tryed but nothing

no leave here as open, cause a lot of ppl have the problem

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removed that part of my comment above.

Hello! Cynnau was correct when I added funds to my steam wallet it work

Thank you all!

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i added more then 100 euro and put the settings above but nothing

See if re installing fixes it and if not reverting to your original settings

Hey I tried this again and it’s not working
Whether those settings are on or off makes no difference
And adding funds to my steam wallet only worked the 1 time