Lost Ark Taiwan Launch Delayed

Huh. I guess it’s good that they are trying to learn some lessons and not allow Taiwan to become a glorified bot farm.

Kind of sad that nobody thought about those things when launching our servers, but oh well.


lets see how the launch turns out. Maybe the saving grace will be the taiwan servers. If they pull it off nicely, i would consider ditching my 3k+ hours to restart in taiwan

and its really sad to see that they see our version as a failed version so they can do it better. Meanwhile AGS pumping the few resources for a censorship to delay class release and not prioritize the real issues.


That translation read like they were saying they have to delay launch so they can focus their staff first on getting the overseas (ours) version corrected.

Essentially sounded like they were blaming the state of our version on requiring more work before they can finally prepare TW version.

Man, they really just need to spend some of their profits and hire a lot more people… sounds like they are running way understaffed at SG.


I interpret this as meaning they got feedback about the amount of content available at release and are trying to learn lessons from the other versions.

So probably the issue about end game raids being available day one are going to be reconsidered, among other things.

But just google translated.

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Heh, even their website is better than ours, lol!

They even apologize better than us!

Nah they will keep the same release schedule in terms of content in order to make the most money possible.

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2 weeks ago:




They delayed because of the astounding state of servers and state of the game in our version. You would’ve known if you read the letter.


I actually did translate it,

the translation is not that clear. It might mean about allocating resources from KR to the TW version (calling it overseas).

I doubt they would ever mention our version as part of their official PR post regarding a different region. Nobody does that.

Sure thing, just another troll.

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ags delaying something: wow they suck, incompetent, garabage company
taiwan delaying: wow they must be working so hard, they are the best



youre also below 18 years of age so you are not even allowed to play the game so im not sure what your argument is.

If AGS delayed things to ensure that they release in a good, stable state… I wouldn’t complain. I complain about the Artist delay for instance, but that delay is for all the wrong reasons.

Taiwan seems to be getting delayed for good reasons. Not that I’m praising Smilegate, mind you. But the delay itself isn’t a bad thing.


The delay should be alarming to everyone because it actualy shows how understaffed Smilegate actually is.

It may not affect us directly, but it’s a sign that they need extra time to hit their priority milestones now before getting their hands on secondary matters (probably our version etc).

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When Taiwan release gets delayed nobody bats an eye.

When NA release gets delayed everyone loses their minds.

That might be true, yes. We do know that they aren’t throwing nearly enough resources at our version and this demonstrates they apparently don’t have enough for Taiwan either.

Kind of ironic considering how much money Smilegate rakes in. But then also not surprising for cash grab MMOs.

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No that’s not the case.

The KRs have said that Smilegate has been recruiting for months now, but they just dont get enough applications to fill the spots.

That might be happening for many reasons, probably low pay, many works hours, lack of specialists, etc.

I dont think everything should revolve around “cashgrab mmo”. I still dont think Lost Ark has this startegy in mind.