Lost Ark Taiwan Launch Delayed

Ah, interesting. Didn’t know about that. Yes, I suppose that might explain some things as well.

could be potentially delay forever as I read their forums SG refunded the first installment back to the publisher.

I’m not gonna lie, this falls in line with my theory as to why our next update is delayed so long

SG just does not have enough people for all of this and they’re taking on more than they can handle right now

With the state of how Global is I don’t blame the TW Publisher for stepping back and delaying the release because of it

My speculation (again this is pure speculation not fact) is that we were supposed to get Artist in February for Anniversary, however the talks about TW release in November put a hold on that until March

SG put resources into getting the TW release while our version has been on fire (because more money) in preparation

TW Publisher has a problem with the way things are going down and seeing how the state of Global is, while SG is probably trying to tell them “everything is fiiiiiiiiiine” while trying to sweep it all under the rug, because again, money

TW Publisher realizes that if they release with the state of things now it’s going to be just as bad as Global if not worse

Hence delay and wording of the letter

Again, this is my speculation on what happened, not fact guys, don’t take it that way

However it does make me wonder if the new management at SG has something to do with these releases trying to get fast tracked while not fixing the regions they already have to begin with

It falls in line with the whole LOA ON stuff too, because money

Ok tin foil hat off


Taiwan version delaying the game for a better service.

AGS/SG in NA/EU version delaying a content and still a shitty service.

See the difference?

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They probably know that this game is doomed. Why should they invest in a dead game.

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If NA delayed the game, people would complain

The difference is people tend to see in a different light when it doesn’t affect them

In reality we’re talking about different groups of people. With any game launch there will be the group that yells “how dare you delay my most awaited vidya game, I already took a month of, I hate you!” and the group that says “I’m fine with the delays if it gives the devs more time to polish and release a better product.”

But somehow that fact gets lost and here we are, blaming each other for condoning or not condoning delays, even though we don’t know which group a person in question even belongs to.

I am confused in general though, because I see comments saying that we are “praising” Taiwan for the delay. But I don’t see a single comment actually “praising” them. We can see how the delay might have benefits. And how it’s also a sign of things going wrong somewhere behind the scenes. Doesn’t mean we’re praising anyone.

I dunno man, it seems alot of the probs we complaining about are on sg side, not ags.

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well its allways thing with timing

delaying launch to have everything prepared = good thing, usually
delaying summoner by 10 months because reasons = bad thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

with good pay there is allywas enough specialists or you can train some :stuck_out_tongue:

heh i exactly think thats their strategy
low effort and big money :slight_smile:

oh no the bot farms coming back

If the intention is the same as Taiwan it would be understandable.

No matter how much NA/EU complain on different issues, who listens? Does it get FIX? Not even a single suggestion have heard in NA.

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the problem with delaying a product is that people forget about it

Blade and soul was this exact problem
it was massive hype delayed for years
hype died with disappointing after disappointing statement about reworking the progression to fit the western audience
nobody played it

delaying is a bad move aside from actual stability concerns or build quality
and in stability i mean server capabilities to handle a login demand and game being capable of running
if LA released in the west like it is now it would have actually died because the game would be considered unplayable
not because of bots
but because it would take you 6 hours to log in only to dc 1 hour in and repeat

bots will never be a reason to delay any game

Yea no way. People complain because you cant keep everyone happy.

Also some things were changed. TW will have the same issues because that is the core and people will complain in any version

This is true but to the point of having an issue going on for months, it is incompetence of a company.

It is inevitable but can be prevented from going worst like NA (for sure, NA/EU to compare).

Let me read this and i will translate for you guys what it says.

Well I mean think of it this way

TW Publisher probably has all the info on how LA has been doing since Global release

While bots may not be the actual reason for the delay, the bots are in a way impacting the reason

Which is SG not having enough people to work on anything

Because if they did, along with AGS

I know the bot issue would not be solved 100%, but it would be helped a lot more than it is now

Think about when Captcha was released and how long it’s been since we’ve heard anything on it

That’s what I mean

TW Publisher saw how slow things go on Global with all the issues and it would make sense as to not release a product unless the developer is able to be 100% focused on that while maintaining everything else

Because if TW release came with those problems, they also know if there’s any other problems that SG needs to fix that it’s not going to be #1 priority

And that’s the main issue

funny is that they are wasting the resources to delay content to censor classes instead of funneling into the core issues.

Y’know, every single time I see something like this it makes me wonder

Has it actually been said that changing the costumes is the sole reason for the delay?

I mean, I read through the roadmap again and it doesn’t say that anywhere

Just that the outfits are being changed for western norms and they wanted to be transparent with us about that

If you could point to where it says specifically that the costumes are the 100% sole reason for the change, anywhere

I would appreciate it

Because I’ve yet to find it

Someone at Tencent took a look at the state of the NA/EU servers and realized they’re not publishing the money making machine they thought they were and went back to the table to renegotiate most likely.

The initial pitch was when they celebrated 800k concurrent players in NA/EU then shortly after that we seen our first big ban wave, knocking almost 300k concurrent down over night. Now they finalized the deal and the next big ban wave hits right after that, knocking almost 250k concurrent down over night.

Imagine pitching how great the NA/EU server launch was doing only to have to come back and explain that the numbers were highly inflated and there isn’t nearly as many paying customers as you originally forecasted and actual player numbers have been on a steady decline for months after less than a year after release.

To any publisher that is a huge red flag

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Yeap, and all of this stuff with Global and TW and everything feeds into another thing that happened back in May of last year

Gold River stepping down from his position

Now I don’t think the guy is as good or even comes close to Yoshi P, but he was taking steps in the right direction and going against Korean MMO norms to try and make the game better in general (again you don’t have to agree with everything he did, but he was at least trying)

Shortly after his departure/announcement, notice how after that the game just started to get worse mechanically for Global

And now not even less than a year after that, there were talks of TW and China publishers going in, and now backing out

Tin foil hat time

Gold River stepping down became a way for other people at SG to try and go back to the old KRMMO ways

Combining that with the success of the Global launch, that would bring people in to expand even more “globally”

All while trying to inflate player numbers, shoo all the problems under the rug and not having enough staff to keep up with everything

Now Gold River is back (albeit a different position) after his health concerns

And everything is in pure and utter chaos

Guy didn’t deserve to come back to all that, I will admit

But the question is if he alone is enough to turn it all around

Tin foil hat off