Lost Ark too much time?

Hello, I played WoW a lot, since well over 10 years about 10 hours a day ( not anymore ). seeing lost ark and watching trails it looks really good, specially it remind me of a game called “Lunaria Story” sadly it shut down I think 2019. Now I know a lot people saying you got to farm on Alts to get stronger faster ,etc. ,etc… that’s not true instead of it taking to farm something 3 days it will take you 6 days. So I assume that is not a problem for a lot of people. now I work about 70-100 hours a week on top of that I go workout about 1-2 Hours everyday. Am not going to be hardcore gamer anymore, I got other priorities I like to reach at the same time, I want to enjoy at least 30-1 hour a day playing a game haha.

For me I just wanna enjoy housing, endless dungeon spawn waves, bosses, and hang out with the guild.

So my main question I guess will this game be ok for people who only got 1 hour a day or less maybe to play?

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Yes, its just a lot of people on these forums has the mentality that if they are not among the top they can’t have fun.

If that doesn’t bother you, you will be more than happy.


if you wanna be on the top you need a lot of time, and that’s annoying feeling. I used to be WoW Mythic raider, it was cancer yea we kill bosses, etc but at the end it feels like rushing rushing and not enjoying the game.

So I don’t care about World first, or being top player, because well first you need a lot of time, second I don’t think I will enjoy it, some people might yea, but like don’t get me wrong lol, I can work 30 or 40 Hours a week only and just play games all freaking day, but again that’s not my priority that would be dumb honestly. all tho I did it with WoW haha.( no regrets, well a little bit).


Yes, this game is perfect for you C:

finally, someone Enlighted in this forum.

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Totally ok. Sadly this forum is overwhelmed by toxic Karens who hate on everything that is announced. Just have fun with the game and enjoy the time with your guild :).

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You can play. Question is under which conditions you can enjoy playing.
Let’s say there are 3 people:
a) in middle of T1 content and plays 1 hour a day.
b) got fast into middle of T2 content and now spends 1 hour a day.
c) got fast into start of T3 content and now plays 1 our a day.

Those people will have following income:
a = 1
b = 8 * a
c = 50 * a

If you are OK to be one of a) or b) in economy driven by c). Then you will be just fine. That is if you can find a guild of other “1 hour a day people”. As others will leave you in dust of obsolescence.

Effect above would not be as bad if we had T1 to 4~6 weeks. Then moved to T2 which would last 6~8 weeks. And then we would unlock start of T3 we get from get go now.
As you would not have to be in environment with Type b) players for those 4~6 weeks. And Type c) players would not be around for 10~14 weeks.

My advice: Find that slowly progressing, socially oriented group in advance. Otherwise you may not find what you seek on your particular server.

I mean I mainly wanna play lost ark because there is a lot of Casual content.

Chaos dungeon I think if am correct.
Some bosses.
mining, fishing,etc.
Ship islands.

but yea I will find a chill guild that is active. and go on my own base.

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