Lost Ark Website seems more lively - Thanks @Roxx

Finally we start to see several weekly changes to the content of the main LA website and this is good. Much better than the first 6 to 10 weeks…:slight_smile:

Well done, please keep up the good work and maybe start to introduce some human touch in the website by showing famous players/streamers and even maybe talking a little bit about the AGS/SG team that runs LA in the WEST.

One interesting thing would be to open up a section where any player can talk about himself/herself (by filling an existing formulary sent to the CM’s) playing LA and even having side by side a picture of the real player and his/her main character in-game. This section could be called “The Person behind the Hero” or something along this line.


How much did they pay you for this advertisement?


Looks the same no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Automatic negative opinions no matter how good or how bad AGS/SG do will not take this game anywhere.

Thank you Amazon for amazing lively website and forum.
I enjoy playing your game with my best friends.
Sincerely, your King.

I think he’s referring to the stuff we got regarding Valtan and Destroyer. Three articles within a week.