Lost Ark will not stop in Steam

While there is mention of this specific issue here and on the steam forums I would like to make this thread solely about the issue where Steam continues to say Lost Ark is running.

So how does this problem present itself …

  • Playing Lost Ark as normal and when I exit the game the game closes normally. When the game closes Steam still says that Lost Ark is running.
  • Closing steam ( after the little popup lets you “Exit Anyway” ) and then loading steam back up Lost Ark will be reported by steam as still running even though it is not.
  • Rebooting my desktop computer and loading Steam back up, Steam says Lost Ark is running and it is not.
  • If you check the Task Manager and open the performance tab so as it shows your CPU and all it’s cores I have core #1 ( the second core ) running at 100%.
  • If you check the task manager and look at the running processes the process “System” is doing much more than usual.

What have I tried to resolve this issue …

  • My operating System is fully patched.
  • My drivers are up to date.
  • I have verified the games files through Steam.
  • I have repaired EAC.
  • I have rebooted the system.
    None of these things stopped Steam from reporting that Lost Ark was running nor has any of what I tried had any impact on the processes in the Task Manager.

What have I done that has made any impact at all …

  • I uninstalled EAC and rebooted my system.
    When I did this Steam is now reporting correctly (nothing is “playing” when I first start steam)

This seems to be an ongoing issue and I will need to reinstall EAC to be able to play but having to uninstall and reinstall software to have it work correctly is not a good resolution.

I would like to know if AGS can recognise this issue and if they could please let us know what steps have been or will be put in place to resolve this issue.
I can reproduce this issue with certainty.

For some more visibility of this issue I can post a link to a some threads of this issue as well.
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Edit with additional information.
Thanks to @IceCreamTruck for their input here.

This change means I can now reboot my computer to resolve the system problems caused here.
This does not resolve the issue fully though because the cause of the problem is still there.
I still think this is an EAC issue and would appreciate any input here form AGS.


Multiple games have reported the issue to EAC , w.e update they did is affecting everybody AGS cant do anything but report the same issue

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Thank You for your reply @Kiyoshi.

I do hope that EPIC can get this EAC issue resolved with haste.

I would like to hear some response from the AGS teams. I understand that this particular problem is an EAC issue and as such is out of the control of AGS but it would be nice to hear from AGS even just to let us know they recognise the issue. Perhaps AGS have even engaged with EPIC in an effort to find a resolution.
Maybe I have missed a communication as well.

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all probably AGS can tell you is they know about it based off the multiple reports your seeing and this is not the first time EAC does a update and they start this same issue up they done it before in the past and everybody from LA to apex and other EAC games had to wait until EAC fixed it

Your right of course but it would be good if they could tell us they have confirmed the issue.

If one of the AGS staff could verify the problem by playing the game.
Let us know they have seen the issue and they can reproduce it themselves.
Let us know they have contacted the EAC dev’s (EPIC Games) about a resolution.

I do think we all need to just wait on EPIC Games to make a change to EAC and I also understand I may be coming across as aggressive but I do not mean to.

After experiencing this issue once I was tempted not to play but last night just logged in for some quick log in attendance and game was running smoothly and even closed properly.

Just now after a quick chaos gate PC is going full throttle with the fans with no signs of slowing down even whilst idle in game and after a quick exit via steam had the same issue as everyone else that can’t end the game.

Have you tried the bit below here to resolve the steam/system problem ?

No need to uninstall EAC to fix the issue. A reboot would’ve fixed it for you had you had “fast startup/fast boot” disabled either in power options or in your bios.

Hi @IceCreamTruck, that is a very logical answer and one I had given to people before I had experienced this myself.
I actually hate the whole “sleep” idea on computers. Having worked in the IT industry and on a computer help desk this “sleep” function that helps boot up faster is in my opinion a bad idea and I do not do that on and computer I have or ever had.

A full shut down of the computer should have flushed the memory and upon booting up again nothing should be running except those things in the OS start-up routine.
This is not the case with this issue though.

My assumption is that EAC being a security piece of software can change how it is started in the boot up process and this is causing EAC to maintain the problem. I think something is happening to EAC and when it should be releasing resources and going inactive because it’s parent app Lost Ark is closed.
I think EAC is having a problem with some part of the game activity and when EAC encounters this it gets stuck and causes all the symptoms we are seeing.

No process survives a reboot or a shutdown ever, and EAC only loads when the game is run.

Please check both below and let me know:

start → control panel → power options → choose what the power buttons do (left panel) → shutdown settings → Uncheck Turn on fast startup

as for bios double check that you have fast boot off

if you have both of these off, then when you reboot or shutdown it’s a cold clean reboot/shutdown.

you may also try this command to force a clean reboot from an admin cmd:
shutdown /s /f /t 0


Thank you @IceCreamTruck, I have checked and made a change to my “fast boot” option in the OS power options so as it is no longer checked.

I have played Lost Ark again after that change and the problem of Lost Ark not stopping in Steam still persists when I exit the game. I can however now reboot my computer and steam no longer shows Lost Ark as still running. Also after the reboot the Task manager is not showing issues with CPU#1 or system process.

Your suggestion has meant that a reboot will now fix the operating system so it no longer uses excessive resources. I will update my OP to include your response. Thank You for your input.

However, the initial problem still persists and needs a permanent resolution.

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Hi everyone,
My problem seems to be fixed now.
When i close Lost Ark steam now shows it as having closed as it did previously.
My cpu#1 is no longer at 100%
My system process is no longer using excessive resources.

There was a change made and that seems to have fixed things for me and I hope you too.
Below is a link to an official post here that i think fixed this for me.
Addressing the recent EAC Issue - Official News / Official News - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

Thank you to everyone that had input here.

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Appreciate the reports and discussion here! Can confirm the update to EAC this morning provided a fix for this. Cheers


It did. Thank you, here take an ice cream :slight_smile:


Yes, Thank You very much @Roxx for keeping an eye on this issue and posting in this thread too.

:desktop_computer: :+1: :trophy:

I am really happy to have this resolved and I do hope the changes made help lots of other people too.
Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved Roxx.