Lost Ark x Witcher

Thx @Roxx for this nice Video.

Still it makes me so sad and leaves me heartbroken.

The Specialist Skin is shown in your Video (its what Ciri wears) and you are writing its a skin preview. BUT WE WILL NEVER GET THE SKIN!!!

Why the false Advertisment?

Why not leave the Character out? Why making us even sadder than before?


What ciri wears will be available to all currently released female characters, what makes you think this is specialist only?

Just another misleading advertisement. Some people will think Specialist is already out by just looking at the trailer. :confused:

For Females are ther Skins from Yennefer and Tris.

The Ciri Outfit is only for Specialist class

100% doubt on that

This is Korea’s skins that they had to buy

Notice that all male characters base classes are Geralt and all female are ciri

Zeals going over the collab… all the females get Ciri skin. yall want something to be mad about.

Strange i didnt see the classic Geral’s Quote “I hate portals”

You were saying?


Just save the chest and try to open it on artist when its release. If it not work you just open it on an old class.

i was refering to the quote where the guy said ciri is only for specialist, to which i said “all females get ciri skin”. which is true, except for the class that litterally will not be out at the time of this collab

He said it in the Korean version (spolier) after reuniting with the group during the story campaign. Not sure if we’ll here that famous dialog in our version though.

So you knew that we won’t get the skin for Specialist and that we will never again have the chance to get it even after specialist is out and you still said that we were “looking for things to be mad about”?

They are literally deleting an existing skin from the package. Of course we complain about that.


Well… some skin packages may re-release with more classes included. Witcher skin is completely different. It’s most unlikely that they’ll re-release the exclusive collab skins.

they wont sell a skin for a class archetype that aint even released yet. I can assure u im not mad that i wont get a Witcher weapon skin for my future souleater

the problem is, by the time this collab happened in KR, it was there for Specialist Archetype.

Which makes it bullshit that this event is released before we get Artist.

We will be only region that this happens to.

i’ll accept that as an argument they coulda delayed this event till all the classes present were released, idk what deal AGS had with smilegate

for sure, the thing is Artist is delayed for 4 months cos they need to censor skins.

They probably arent allowed to censor ciris shirt for Artist IMO cos it shows the bra. Maybe they left it out cos of that. IDK

Fuck AGS for doing this tho tbh.

I reckon kotaku jounralist would lose their shit over this



They could’ve left that skin in there to no negative effect what so ever. Heck they could’ve delayed the colab event until Artist release.

Instead of doing either they decided to delete a fan favorite skin.
People have a right to be upset at such a bonehead move.

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I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it.