Lost Ark's Decline

Thinking to myself, "I used to fing love this game, what happened?!"*.
Do you see yourself in that statement?
What makes things worse, everything seems to be pointing at intentional and flippant behaviour by the Devs.

In order to analyze the topic at 360 degree, I think a chronologic effort can go a long way.
As it seems to work as a token of validation, I’ll first give my time and overall experience playing the game.
Having had a lot of free time, 350+ hours is my count and I think it’s enough to give a valid opinion. (though at the same time I think nobody’s opinion should be disregarded just because)

I remember doing the first continents and 30 or so levels of progressing with friends that have now decided or are deciding to quit the game, because they have come to a realization that their frustration is to be put on the game design itself, that is decided by the developers.

The game felt so good at times, the general combact mechanics feel great, the skill animations are incredible and they really did a great job with user satisfaction, isle quests such as Starlight Isle or Glacier Isle are by themselves just very enjoyable, even though I think there is very little care about the Main storyline, which is very bad in my opinion, with a lot of G spamming and very bad dialogue and boring overall activites to do, moving things from point A to point B, talking to NPCs, very rubbish stuff, the dungeons are good though.

Being a fun of MMOs and having played a lot of 'em in Tera, GW2, the old and only Cabal Online and even if just to an extent BDO and Wow, I didn’t have an hard time wanting to learn and study about the game curriencies and different systems, and trying to maximize what I could get out of 'em as a totally free-to-play player. Got ealier than my friends to T3, my main is right now 1360 and I have only one alt, close to T3, and even though all I was hearing before getting there was " THAT’S WHERE THE GAME STARTS", really, for me it’s where it ends. It really just took the fun away from the game.

Realization of toxicity in game design :

  • They decided to release an outdated version of the game, one that presents many problems they obviously knew about and decided to keep the problems in the game, why is that ?
  • At release there was only 1 eu server, Eu Central, and we all know how many issues that caused with matchmaking, then added weeks after Eu West that now seems to be semi-empty.
    Couldn’t they have had more servers since the start for EU, since KR and US had already way more? Well…
  • In EU version Tier 1 and Tier 2 guardians raids boss have HP% added to them compared to KR version of the game, why is that?
  • Tier3 Guardian Raids & Abyssal Dungeons are WAY easier than Tier 1, Tier 2, WHY IS THAT ? Shouldn’t be Tier 3 the endgame? It was at least a challenge before, staying on that abyssal for some hours or a day, Tier 3 is a joke.
  • They released Argos when they clearly knew that it would cause the feel of having to RUSH for it, since they wanted to give it also the ‘right space’ and attention
  • They got the attention of the whales that started paying money to get there, and let’s be honest, the 1% players that have done Argos in this week of its release have been successfully baited to pay for a free-to-play game
  • T3 dead zone, it’s true, it’s turning people away from the game but what really is disappointing is that they have, or had, all the data in hand to avoid it and to know that nobody could’ve closed that gap except with pay to win or incredibly lucky and well optimizing players (0.001%), they admitted it and effectively used it as a bait to see how much people would be willing to spend, and it turned out to be a lot Spending $15K a Month on Gear - Asmongold Interviews The Biggest Lost Ark Whale - YouTube
    This guy spent alone 15k, and people are only being suspended for using 3rd party gold sellers, you would permaban them if you cared about the integrity of the game.
  • Talking about the integrity and security of the game, even though it takes several minutes to start, you’d hope the anti cheat system would be OK, but NO , the bots problem has been massive and it has already achieved its ruination of the game, and the game market, as now we have FISHING BOTS - Chaos bots - All lifework in general bots - bots for everything
  • Shortstaffed Amazon games proved incompetent to the task together with Smilegate Rpg, but how much of it can be a coincidence ?
  • Guardian raids of T3 have been increased in entrance iLevel in EU compared to KR server, why is that?
  • Mats in general and systems to obtain them are reduced in this version of the game, and every week of patch notes looks like you have to wait for the next week of patch notes, or maybe the next next. Incredible. It’s just a way to keep milking players until they can’t afford to lose anymore of them.
    The list could really go on but I feel like I don’t have the energy anymore, my conclusion to this post as a player that loved going through Arkesia and now has been brought to this disappointing realization after some time playing, is that the game is being purposedly brought down by its own developers that instead of focusing on creating a long lasting, healthy relationship with the playerbase is instead finding ways to frustrate players, make them pay real money if they wanna have access to the latest content, and so on…and if the game is directed like that, I’m not willing to give you my time.
    Final note : Also, so stupid that you reach 1100 ilevel and 2 Punika Chaos Dungeons won’t give you the full set to progress. You have to waste a day, and it’s made on purpose like that, notice how you can’t buy on the market blue T3 gear, but you can when you get to 600 buy 802 gear. Also in KR this is allowed, only in this version isn’t. Imagine why is that?
    Everything says and SCREAMS that the game is being focused on a way to make money, milk whales and not create a beautiful virtual world, what we were hoping for.

You are right, every single change that they made which differs from the KR version has been terrible. Stuff like non-tradable gear from chaos, character bound instead of roster bound mats, no heroic trials, 1355 raids moved to 1370, etc. This game would be much better if they just gave us the same as what KR had at the time. Instead they actively spent time/resources to make the game worse, which is a joke.


i think there is good reasons why some things are how they are.
some changes actually make sense and are good for the game, for example that bonus chest reward in abyss is bought with gold instead of blue crystal, the ability to buy crystal aura with blue crystal (in KR its only for cash) and many more.

think about it for a second its already designed so that the rich/fast people get richer due to progression, more gold income etc.
Now if all mats were roster bound those people that are already ahead could go even more ahead by boosting their alts really fast.

I think currently the game is intentionally gated to give the slower people a chance to catch up.

The game is gated in all of its version, and that is not a problem since it’s normal for an MMO to have some type of time gating, as well as being able to do the abyssal 1 time per week makes total sense.
In fact, after you’re done with your dailies you could just log off or if you do enjoy horizontal content you can do that, and I did a lot of islands adventures and just random stuff. It’s been this month that with every week passing I was more more and more disappointed with every update and the direction of the game, first between february and march not being able to matchmaking because of bots channel saturation, then it was the week of argos’ whale show, now bots again rampaging the market prices, and all they seemed to care about till this point is the aspect on how to make the game appealing to spend for

It’s the “actively spent time/resources to make the game worse” which I feel the same way about that really turned me off, I mean, AGS and smilegate should’ve been happy the success and made it thrive, we know what’s thriving here…

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There is no deadzone… People are getting to 1370 f2p already. My friend yesterday got his main to 1370, I am sitting at 1365, waiting for grand prix buff so tomorrow I can get my main to 1370 with all the weekly stuff.
Like man. Honing changes haven’t been introduced up till Albershud in KR.
I’ve seen a Sorc today doing 1040 Guardian with double Super Charge engraving… Now that they were forced to add Guardian Trials imagine getting that sorc in there. Legit chose a wrong engraving and using it +6 +6, no igniter, no all out attack. Supercharge…
The playerbase legit still cries about how hard Guardian Raids are, now you want them all to be in T3 doing Legion Raid in 1 month? Gunlancers in T3 can’t counter and blades in T3 think “it’s not worth” to use spincutter’s open weakness for 12% damage buff to the whole team.
Half of my guild in T3 didn’t know they even have a party synergy. I had to tell everyone what to use and how often.


Everyone is so good at complaining about deadzone, while not trying to even progress themselves.


Well that’s about a player being curios and intelligent about his build and all it has to offer, me as a gunslinger i knew all bout rotation and the crit def reduction for the party but you can’t decide whether a person is gonna invest the time to learn or not

Maybe you didn’t read the whole post but I’ve progressed till 1360 even while not being mad at all at fails cause I have already played mmos and I think I’ve generally not been unlucky, it’s just the feeling I got after all the game experience about the how the game is being directed that turned me off, as I said, because it’s clearly intentiional, and I wouldn’t want honing buff alone, what disappointed me is that we had to wait for pvp, then wait as we increase this and that, but no, agros couldn’t wait , you see ?

Just that there is an actual dead zone my man. Of course there will be a small percentage of very well optimized players who know what they’re doing, but most people will find it incredibly difficult to progress through those iLvls since there is just so little content.
I believe they actually showed a graph at a presentation that went into the topic of honing between 1340-1370 and how tedious it is compared to other. And no, I’m not complaining. But telling people there isn’t an actual dead zone, when even devs acknowledged it, just seems odd.

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Literally there is a dev interview where 1340-1370 is highlighted as red in a chart graph and a known problem, exactly, so yeah, saying there isn’t is indeed a bit odd

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No there is no deadzone. You just can’t progress in a few days to the next content, which is totally fine.
This “deadzone” is a player made problem because many players have no patience and can’t even stand to grind 1-2 weeks to get to the new content.

So care to explain why even devs aknowledged it then? Because their statistics are lying?

True the amount of people now reaching T3 or who are working through T3 who still have no idea about even the most basic things in the game has increased dramatically.

These are the same people who will come on here claiming things are too hard and need massive nerfs. Its also important to note that there is statistically going to be much more of them than of decent players. Despite that, they must not be listened to.

I still think the “deadzone” exists because there’s a noticeable mat vacuum 1360-1370 as opposed to the rest of the game currently. It IS, however, exacerbated by masses of people thinking they’re “geniuses” in the markets for selling all of their mats and then complaining they can’t progress and this has been made even worse by streamers/youtubers putting people onto false narratives. FFS the majority of people are so stupid, they think they’re playing the whales still totally unaware the pod stopped buying days ago and they’re patting themselves on the back for crumbs compared to what good players were getting selling T3 stuff 3-4 weeks ago.

Its not nearly as bad as people were stating and quite frankly the patch we’re getting should fix all of that nicely without screwing people who actually bothered to push.


LMAOO so true. I’ve been writing down prices as soon as I hit T3 and sold all my mats when they spiked in price just before argos. That was my best decision. I’ve made 100k gold, and now all the mats went down in price by 80% lmao. Next week I BET we gonna get another 50% price drop, as there’s gonna be more mats from guardian raids, grand prix and more people hitting T3 because of that.

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its not a 1-2 week grind though. Its minimum 3-5 weeks depending on luck. Ive done chaos and guardians and bought out the grandprix vendor and pirate coin vendor every day for 3 weeks and im only 1360. Its def a deadzone.

My only daily content at this point is chaos dungeons, igrexion, and unas for 3 weeks. If that isnt a deadzone then idk what to tell you.

You can’t set it a minimum when players have been doing it faster.
It took me ~2 weeks for 1340-1370. Yes, I was a bit more lucky than average but I also had my 100% artisan upgrades. Your comment implies that 3 weeks with good luck and 5 with bad but that’s not true. It’s more 1-2 weeks with good luck and 4-5 weeks with shit luck.

You probably used gold or something. Someone did the math, using only chaos dungeons guardians and vendors its min 3 weeks. If you buy with gold you are essentially buying other peoples progress. Which is fine, but shouldnt be considered because not everyone is good at making gold.

of course I did use gold, but I did not buy from the market. I converted the gold I made ingame to blue crystals to then use maris shop.

And that was the most efficient way to do for honor leapstone and the solars, but not for the guardian/destrucion stones though and mari prices should be adjusted to the new market prices. But the system is so unbalanced that you will run out silver, gold, mats and everything. It’s just overall ridiculous that all the changes that have been put in place just seem as a way of intentially limiting and bringing down this version to a toxic state in order to use the game as whale bait.
They stated many times that “they we’re not seeing alts to help feed main”, but yet again, they made toxic changes to our system so that we have so many character bound mats and items that we cannot pass to our other characters so you are forced to destroy every character bound item and you cannot even pass the ‘tradable’ items in the roster storage. These choices have been made just to frustrate players and force them to play more to grind. In KR/JP/Ru versions of the game tradable is tradable, you can put items in roster storage. We cannot even do that. Even for skins relative to a same character, you cant pass them over and have to buy skins on every character. That is so fucking stupid