Lost Ark's RNG algorithm is TERRIBLE

Not only have I experienced this personally, but every single person in my guild has, as well. We have all failed FAR MORE enhancements than we have succeeded, even with success chances of 70% or higher. This is unacceptable.

Yes, we are all fully aware that a 70% success chance means you have a 30% chance to fail, but when you fail 5+ times starting at 70%, and continue to fail despite the failstacking, you know something is wrong. The probability of failures occuring in succession at such high success chances is astronomically low to the point of near non-existence. Why is this happening to so many people then? Because the algorithm is trash.


i don’t trust that success rate. So many people having this ‘‘Unlucky’’ moments. That’s why i don’t even try enhancing my gear without breaths even if its more than %70.

Fun fact, you have 0.24% chances of failing a 70% 5 times in a row :slight_smile:

Yesterday on my alt I literally failed a 90% then 99% right after. It bumped my gear to 100%. So I moved on to another piece and fail that 90% again, ran out of shards, I wonder if I would fail that 99% on that second piece again if otherwise. I’m scared to hone even if it says 99% at this point.

The RNG in honing is an awful system in general.
Its what will make all my friends quit at some point, its what already made some of them quit.

Its incredibly frustrating, feels insanely bad and is overall just bad design.
I get that its there to stretch out the content and to motivate people to spend real money, so form a business point of view it makes total sense. But for the player, its an awful experience and its really the worst part of the game.
If everything would just be 3x as expensive (Or like 100x as expensive, in relation to 2% chance T3 equipment), but with a 100% success rate, it would probably take nearly as long but it would feel a lot a lot better.

They will not change this in any way tho, I am sure of that. Especially not solely for the western market.

its the way it the was designed. but deal with it and accept your fate and continue to play and keep trying

stochastic failed!

how is it any worse than the RNG in other MMOs ?