Lost aura for 24h now

I have bronze founders pack and i lost my aura yesterday and i dont have it anymore a day later.

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Hello @surmam554

Let me welcome you to the Lost Ark Forum ! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank you for taking the time to post your situation regarding the Crystalline Aura issue.

Our team is continuously working on a fix for this concern as quickly as possible. We hope to have the problem solved around the next week with our client patch as mentioned in here:

"To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly"

Your patience is appreciated!

See you in Arkesia! :man_mage: