Lost Aura of Resonance because of AFK player

I was running a Chaos Dungeon on my alt for honing materials via the Matchmaking system. Someone in the group went AFK in the very first room of the dungeon. This caused us to fail the dungeon. The other 3 of us had no way to kick the AFK member and continue on. Instead we were all punished because of this one person and have no way to make up the missing unbound honing materials.

Hello @Orestes i hope you are doing great!

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I’m sorry to hear about the situation you’ve been through with another player.

You can file a web ticket describing the situation:

Make sure to include the following:

  1. The name of the player or company you’re reporting.
  2. A description of the violation.
  3. The server name where the violation occurred.

If you already reported the player you will have to wait for the moderation team to take the necessary actions against the player.

have a nice day!

I’d rather have my Aura back + a way to kick people from groups while in a dungeon