Lost cube tickets/ Guardian raid

Hello, after today’s patch, I noticed around 8 cube tickets in my inventory have disappeared. (Not sure exactly how much)
Also, for some reason my Guardian Raids has not been reseted after reset. It’s actually been two days now that my guardian raids hasn’t been reset. I thought if I waited for the update it will fix, but the problem is still occurring. Could you please tell me what’s going on?

Thank you!!

Hello there @rudes!

I’m sorry to know what’s happening with your account.

Due to the nature of your request, I’d recommend you to contact us via live chat, so your account can be looked into in detail and determine why your guardian raids are not resetting.

If anything else let me know, stay safe!

Appreciate your reply! @Santoryu

So I checked today and my Guardian Raid’s has been reset. However, my cube tickets that I have been saving up for disappeared. Could you tell me something about this?