Lost Entry Attempt for Abyssal Dungeons

On 3/10 Thursday, around 4am After the update I queued up for Hard Aira’s Oculus Abyssal Dungeon. As the Mari’s Secret Shop Updated and the store updated to include the new Omen skins my party and I were kicked out of the dungeon and our entries marked as consumed.

As you can see from the attached image, my party and I did not complete the dungeon as we were kicked by the forced live update. A lot of similar posts have been made and the only feedback I’ve seen relevant to this topic is that many other users lost their entries AFTER developers realized that there were several issues with matchmaking ~6 AM PST. Mods justified that because they gave an in game message saying that servers will soon go offline, it is the player’s own responsibility for losing their weekly entry. I understand that, however my party and I were denied a reentry BEFORE the hotfix patch. It’s almost the start of a new work week and this problem is still not resolved for me and other users. I’ve been denied to participate in the full Argos raid for a full week and had to only complete Phase 1 because of this. I am once again asking for a re-entry token to be granted on my account.

Region: NA West
Server: Akkan
IGN: Ishikari

@Seawolf @Santoryu @Roxx If any moderator can escalate this case for me, that’d be appreciated.

Hello @Ishikari

I know you mentioned this, but there were plenty of warnings regarding the servers going down for maintenance. While I’m sympathetic towards you losing an entry to the Abyssal Dungeon this week, unfortunately, they would be unable to reset or increase the number of attempts you have remaining for this week.

In the future, I’d recommend holding off on doing any limited entry content close to any upcoming maintenance.

Once again If you paid attention and read my post this happened HOURS before they even posted an in game warning for the maintenance. The reason why they had to do the hotfix was BECAUSE of this issue. That’s why I’m complaining. If I ignored a warning that was given and queued up regardless I’m the one to blame. But I’m not here.

Hopefully you understand where I’m coming from now.

The hotfix for this bug was scheduled for 6am, around 5am there was an in game text saying there will be an upcoming maintenance. As I have stated in my post my entry got denied BEFORE all this at 4:00 AM. Please actually read before you give that automated response of “oh you did it before a maintenance.” No. I queued up AFTER maintenance.

I’d first off like to clarify that I do not work for Smilegate or Amazon Games.

I apologize for misunderstanding your post, but I did fully read it. When I read the part about being kicked by the update, I associated this with the maintenance that was scheduled to occur and that you were kicked from the dungeon as this maintenance started. There was maintenance scheduled followed by a hotfix, so when you were mentioning them after that statement, it sort of got confusing.

Regardless of my misunderstanding, as I mentioned, they are unable to reset or increase your weekly attempts. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

No mod is gonna reply to this. Created a similar post on Friday which had 250 odd views. Apparently none of them was a mod. So yeah long story short I lost my entry for Argos too way before maintenance time. All I got was sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to fix it so it doesn’t happen in the future. Guess what I got kicked out of my weekly abyssal dungeon a few hours ago on my alt too. Mods prolly don’t play the game enough to know how important the weekly content is!!

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Sigh. Unfortunate. Guess were just swept under the rug.

Hello @Ishikari,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you were disconnected while being on the abyssal dungeon.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content at this time.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day! :mage:

@aePixie Hi, I’ve seen posts of other users being granted a reentry token through the in game mail. Why is this not possible.

Hey @Ishikari,

At this moment we are not granting reentry to the players, can you share a post where this happened?

Can you explain the reasoning behind this decision @aePixie ? If the mods themselves think not being able to do weekly content which is especially important the later you’re in the game, on main and alts(multiple characters) is okay, I don’t think I want to continue with it. Also if you don’t have a way to grant re-entry tickets as of now, promise to compensate us in the near future at the very least.

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I agree. At least let us know that this problem will not happen again, and if it does, it is on the devs to compensate for their incompetence.


This. I didn’t quit the fucking dungeon. The game forced me out because of a last minute decision to push a live update for Omen skins. I repeat. This is BEFORE your notification that there will be a hotfix. I was kicked out two hours prior to that patch. Ridiculous PR.

Yep I had the same problem, when the omen skin released it said “an error has occured, please contact support” and kicked us all, removed us from the party and the dungeon. Locked the entry, I contacted support and they said they will email me once they find a resolution, still nothing. This is disgusting, we basically got denied the chance to make 100k+ gold from selling a good accessory drop, hindering our progress a ridiculous amount. Also have to wait ANOTHER week to get full legendary gear, and they are just completely ignoring the issue.
Funny that this error occurs, it tells us to contact support, and they do NOTHING!


Yup same boat here. My Airas Oculus 1370 run got denied.