Lost entry count after party failed to load in clown

Me and my party was entering clown g1 but i was the only one who managed to get to the loading screen while the rest were left outside.

They decided to remake the lobby but im still stuck on the loading screen. After the 1 minute waiting period, i didn’t load inside clown g1 but instead got kicked outside.

We were about to enter clown g1 again but we got the error that i lost my entry ticket to the raid.

Character Name: Tsunomakii
Servername: Mari

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you lost your entry count.

Should you be eligible, there is a fully automated system that reimburses your entry. This can take around 24 hours and will appear in your mail. More info below.

Same here, but I am 100% sure they will not give it back because it’s not a crash or server issue, its something they don’t even know and submit a ticket is useless.

They will, it happened to me, but i submitted a ticket on amazon games website and they posted the same thing @OminousOnion just posted. Within 24 hours i got my ticket refunded.