Lost Entry ticket because of downtime

I was doing Valtan gate 2 hard and got him to 6x bars when the server disconnected for me - I lost my entry ticket. Has this happened to anyone else?

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Will lost tickets be returned? This was my weekly entry and no loot was received

Character: Plapp
Server: Shandi
Valtan Gate 2 Hard

there is weird crashs after the last update used entry ticket for gate 2 last week to and several different runs like boss rush , chaos dungeons etc .

that was super confusing what do you mean

the game has weird crashes ( the game shutdowns for no reasons ) that is how i lost my entries .

did you ever get your entry ticket back for legionraid/abyss raids?

nope and i made ticket before the answer they wouldn’t give it back .( the answer was after the issue with 2 weeks )

Same i lost mine too

Server: Mari
IGN: Kaiselin

Lost gate 2 hardmode entry

whered you make a ticket at? gonna do the same and hope…

can we get a response from the gm’s, this is ridiculous for weekly gated progression. it must have affected tens of thousands

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

they most likely tell you to contact support. And if support can’t help you then RIP your entry xd