Lost entry to weekly abyss dungeon

lost entry to Hall Of The Twisted Warlord. name is Beeatrisas. sever is Regulus. East North America

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I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can look into this for you.

Hey there @joseph.hamer!

I’m sorry to know you had issues with the game.

At the moment, We don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually, nor the rewards. We have a system in place that will re-grant access to activities in-game that have weekly lockout timers, utilize tickets, or consume a daily bonus (Aura of Resonance).

The current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; This will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.

More details here: Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts.

If there’s anything else I can do to help you let me know. Stay safe!