Lost entry vykas legion raid

First i enter with a team and i got disconnect before the first boss died. When i’m come back, i can’t process to the next gate. they didnt count i finish the 1st gate so i came out. and now i can’t enter the legion raid.

Did u get dc’d from vykas at any point?

i got disconnect when the 1st boss nearly died

That’s why, basically u have to wait 24-48hrs for your ticket and the ticket system needs to detect that it was a server issue and not just your internet or pc. I had the same issue with valtan, got dc’d on g2 last night but I know mine is server issue since everyone dc’d 1 by 1 but I still haven’t received my ticket yet. I’m just not running any raids until they fix the servers so I don’t have 6 characters waiting for tickets lol

u’re wise

Same but I dc in G3 in last hit to kill her before berserk. maybe ticket it useless because its hard to find only G3 room.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, raymonddo28. Unfortunately we cannot manually grant tickets.