Lost Feiton Powerpass?

So, I just in the last half hour cleared Feiton, and I wasn’t expecting to get the powerpass as it is now 7/1, but I had mail, which contained said powerpass, but then didn’t give me the powerpass in my inventory, is this a bug, or did I click something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

update: i had indeed accidentally deleted it, a confirmation box would be amazing for mail with unclaimed items, for instances like these, but i have a ticket in the system, so dont need any more help on this specifically.

Hi @Flintnsteal

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum!

I’m so sorry for what happened to you with the Powerpass.

I’m glad the you have the ticket back in the system and I gonna make the report about the confirmation in the box for unclaimed items to the Devs team to take under consideration to be implemented this feature in the game.

Hope you have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: