Lost gate progress and loot due to dc's

Did Brel with my guild and we are steamrolling g4 and about to get to 0x.
The instant we hit 0hp i get an error and get pushed back out to the title screen.
Me and my guild panic as we know that theres now a high chance i get 0 loot, 0 horns and now need to wait up to 48h for a ticket and find a new grp who i can do G4 with
Fuck man why is that a thing that due to THE GAME BEING SO UNSTABLE that i have to lose out on so much stuff because they havnt done anything for so long.
My char name is Mrmmgh
server Lazenith EUC
Hope that the CM’s or someone can atleast take the dc’s into concideration because man this is just a punch in the gut

@Roxx I was in the raid he got DC’d at 0 bars and didn’t get any loot, he just told us that AGS support pretty much claimed that it was his fault because of his internet, but we can guarantee that is not the case. Save this man as we need him for G5-G6.

Yep he got dc-ed just as we were finishing up gate 4 the boss was like half a bar before it died

Also in the raid, had dc’s here and there all evening and he got disconnected at the very last few seconds of G4, get the man his ticket!

@Roxx clip for reference Highlight #Lost Ark | Captured by #Outplayed