Lost Guardian rewards


I know it has probably been suggested multiple times already, but a way to receive the guardian’s reward per mail or have the souls only consumed when you LOOT them would be nice.

I’ve just lost a full rested two souls worth of reward due to a crash, yet my try of the day is consumed, it really needs fixing.



Its not broken so it does not need to be fixed.You didnt open the chests and thats on you buddy.Would be nice of you to think a bit before making useless posts.

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Apparently you can’t read.
I had no opportunity to open the chest, since the game crashed and when I got back in I was in front of the Board, in Town, without the loot.

Next time take 3 seconds to actually read a post before answering to it.


I think thats how it worked but people comained about that too cause i remember that while ago my weekly would only update after looting.
This is the thing with the game everyone complains because of their own issue and when they change smth then other side complains

True,my bad ,still there is such a low % possibility of you crashing at the end of a raid that its not even worth taking a gander

I’ve done this once and it was my fault, I left the game without looting. I do think this is an issue and items should be delivered to you or counted as unharvested.

Just because I can admit its my fault doesnt mean i think its good game design, it would be much better if unharvested sould remained unharvested.

Saying oh well that your fault buddy doesn’t mean it should be the way its done. Ask yourself this. Does having souls not picked up count as havested make the gameplay better or worse for anyone? How about if they count as unharvested, better or worse for anyone? Clearly one way makes the game experience better for some people and doesnt effect the other group of people and thus the solution should be simple. Dont be a dick.

Bro his game crashed lmao.

What are you on about now?

Lol until it happens to you I bet. Just say sorry I was wrong that is a bad mechanic they should change.

Jesus. People on this forum are incapable of admitting they’re wrong. :joy:

I think you need to learn how to comprehend what you read and stop being salty over crashes that happen 0.05% of the time.Being salty is natural,just dont poison forums with your bs about something as simple as opening chests.

I think that you need to realize that nobody asked you to come to a thread about crashes to say “Lmao its so rare why do you care?”

like literally, what are you doing here? Go fight on twitter or some shit

Okay buddy. Calling me salty eh?

Go eat a snickers and engage in some self-love. You seem like you need it. :rofl:

It just amazes me that people 1) can’t read; and 2) can’t apologize when they misread / made a mistake.

LMAO and he just made a post about people not reading skills?

Bro! GTFO lmao muting you

This is a post about crashes but also about changing how loot is gathered.If you think that they will waste time/money on a problem that 1% of players are experiencing 0.05% of the time and revamp the whole loot system for all guardian raids because of you ,that is insane.Also you didnt come to say anything useful about the post,you are the one with 0 input on the op itself and just came here to argue/be toxic.See you buddy

I did say “true” i dont need to apologise to anybody.My logic still holds,they arent gonna do sht about a problem that occurs 0.5% of the time.You are just too foolish to understand that and your op is usless.

Slow down man, the OP just want a better UX haha It will not kill the Guardian mechs at all haha

I love how you apologised, then immediately got back to being toxic.
It’s a suggestion forum, used to suggest stuff, which this post did.
You’re the one poisoning it with your irrational toxicity.

Please leave the thread, thanks.