🏳️‍🌈 Lost in Representation: The Need for LGBTQ+ Characters in Lost Ark

It is worth noting that many other games by different publishers have included prominent LGBTQ+ characters in their storylines in recent years. The Last of Us 2 is a notable example, depicting a powerful and emotional story of a lesbian relationship and a trans character without drawing attention away from the main plot. However, Lost Ark seems to be lacking in this aspect.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of LGBTQ+ players in the game, there is a distinct lack of representation in the world of Arkesia. It is surprising to think that there has yet to be a single instance of a queer character in the lore of Lost Ark.

As a large and influential corporation with a significant global fanbase, AGS has the opportunity to make a statement and promote love and acceptance in the upcoming Elgacia continent for the Western release. By including a prominent LGBTQ+ character in the game, AGS can not only make their fanbase proud, but also take a stand against hate and bring attention to the struggles of marginalized communities. The fight against homophobia and transphobia starts with representation, and it’s time for Lost Ark to take a step forward in this regard.


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No and thank god AGS can’t change story


oh Lord, the woke culture now coming into lost ark now.

This game isn’t under AGS development take that somewhere else.


Isn’t zinnervale gay like thought there was some quest where he was going after a guy.

The only thing this game desperately needs is thongs.


We has this topic 10 months or so ago but they all left. They preferably grind on twitter ig


idk about you but my gunslinger romancing Ealyn seems kinda gay to me


@PowPowtia Thank you.

@TheBlackBoNe @WonderingSoul AGS can request that. I don’t see any harm in changing couple of NPCs to be representative of our community.

By mistake. He thought it was a girl all along.

i am Confused, cause i already thought , the game provides alot of these things

i mean look at Rapport , there are so many same-sex Npc´s who even stay to their love for your character doesnt matter which sex you have

I would say this game is one of the best example that homosexuality is on the same lvl !


NO. Lost Ark is primarily a Korean game. It’s not an American game where can just say you want to input your ever-changing culture where ever you want.


It is published by an American publisher, and they made changes to the game to match western norms and represent other communities.

you want to change the game story and that is a big no if you don’t like the story how it is then it’s not for you go play other games that have what you want


That’s only if you play a female character which many men don’t.

Its storyline and internal key characters are based on Eastern norms they can change an NPC sure that doesn’t matter much you won’t see them anyways but the storyline and base characters are based on Eastern norms, not Western norms.

Stop trying to force your western norms on non-western players.


AGS like to support minor communities in this game, like Shadowhunter or Artist examples. Because most people would really dont care like on those examples, there is very nice chance.


Doubt GIFs | Tenor


Coomers will never approve any sort of LGBTQ+ in this game.

Remember this game was built exclusively for coomers in their 30s and 40s so they can relive their 2000s era fashion fantasies.


As a male character I am forced to engage in romantic activities with women against my will.

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