🏳️‍🌈 Lost in Representation: The Need for LGBTQ+ Characters in Lost Ark

woke culture long since been in the game and AGS. nothing new there

its nice that Lost Ark forum has at least one shitpost tread where ppl can just unload

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I believed that you already have a character goes by the same forum name/ign/game handle and I would say you colored your costumes the way you wanted and I think it is enough (maybe) for your community to be noticed and respected.

Lost Ark doesnt promote hate about anything or anyone.

This gone too far.

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I do agree that some of us have definitively went too far with this. Rest assured not all of the gay are like this only some are extreme and feel the need to push it in everyone face


This is the perfect troll post because AGS can’t take this down xD

So basically you are asking the many to change for the few? And how are you unsafe in LoA?
Doesnt reflect you experiences - WFT did i just read?

So let me see if i understand correctly:

  • in your narcissistic view (because it is borderline narcissistic) you want the rest of the world to make special accommodation for you, cuz you matter the most.
  • You fell “unsafe” undervalued and not respected in a GAME
  • And the game doesn’t reflect your experiences… uhm hon, this is a FANTASY game. It doesn’t relate to REAL WORLD.

Seriously i don’t know if you are:

  • high
  • bored
  • deluded
  • troll

NO THANK YOU! We got Enough Netflix Adaptation!!!


Contrary to the general belief, considering how AGS did almost everything opposite to what the fanbase wanted, I hope they will yet again not listen and actually do implement some LGBTQ+ shenanigans into the game! Just for the sake of seeing another middle finger from AGS haha!!

That’d be the best nail in the coffin ever!!

Disney movies*

Man this guy completely butchered all sorta words, you can tell he is very passionate about this topic and informed on the whole LGBTQ topic. That we all are insane and need Psychotherapy :^)

Who gave you the keyboard to write this on?

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As much as i giga support lgbt and overall any sexuality, a videogame is a videogame, whoever develops it can do so by his/her standards and still people shouldnt give a fuck about it.

Gender rapresentation doesnt belong to a game where you smash monster s faces in order to progress.

Nor belongs to any other game for what matters.

There is no whatsoever need to be “represented”, as it s not a form of respect whenever it s asked and not naturally given out.

Why would you want to be “represented” just by the condition of devs NEEDING to represent out of avoiding public opinion?

That doesnt give you anything. That isnt acceptance. It s just lip service.

There is no need to ask to be normalized inside a game, cause you re perfectly normal to begin with, represented or not.

Thats what you should ultimately seek and appreciate from society.

The beauty of mmos is just this, doesnt matter who you are, we all are the same.

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It’s monday already and this theory still holds up


If you want representative. It isn’t in games or virtual reality that you will get. The games are get wrecked because this stuff. If you want something go and do something about show your opinion and not be like some LGBT.

I have many friends in LGBT Commu and LGBT are homophobic againt themselves

It isn’t in games that you will get representative.

People are done with this stuff. Important stuff they forget and care about stuff that won’t do anything in game

It’s vital to note that representation in media matters, and it is not hypocritical to want to see oneself and one’s experiences reflected in the media one consumes. There are still many games that do not include LGBTQ representation, and just because some games do, it does not mean that it’s not important to continue fighting for representation in other games. It is not “forced diversity” to want to see representation of marginalized communities in media, it’s called representation and inclusivity. It is also not appropriate to use language that is demeaning and dismissive towards those who advocate for representation.

Your argument is invalid. It is not about having experience fighting giant monsters or wielding huge swords, it is about representation and inclusivity. The idea that one must go to school to learn how to create their own games or stories in order to see representation is not only impractical but also dismissive of the valid concerns that marginalized communities have about representation in media. Furthermore, suggesting that advocating for representation is “shoehorning” identity politics and the reason for pushback against the LGBTQ community is not only untrue, but it also demonstrates a lack of understanding of the impact representation can have on marginalized communities. Inclusivity can be achieved in many ways, and it is not limited to creating entirely new content. It is important to be open-minded and considerate when it comes to representation in media including video games.

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I will take a look at all the comments when im done with Hogwarts Legacy.

Till then happy farming to all Arkesians.

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