🏳️‍🌈 Lost in Representation: The Need for LGBTQ+ Characters in Lost Ark

Trust me they do. It’s just one of those topic that cant be touched because it’s has one of those backlash-prone topic. Anything under race and gender-identity is off limits. Prime example is the “Why is shadow hunter black?”. Even though it’s just one or two people who keeps bumping it, mods wont touch it.

You would give people options to romance everyone like in SWTOR, and people still won’t be satisfied. Waiting for furry community to ask for not discriminating them and adding some fluffy classes

So who are these existing straight couples? I cant remember if there even is any couples in the game…

they do, they deleted a post of mine yesterday on sunday but AGS are the same woke ppl like them and they like that LFBQ whatever it called stuff so they wont touch that topic, only delete posts here and there (probably like this one)

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Guys, back to work. It’s not weekend anymore :nerd_face:

feel welcome and accepted in the game.

You know what the beauty of video games is?
Everyone is welcome and accepted to play them BECAUSE they dont restrict you!
It doesnt matter if youre black or white, muslim or christian, a man or a woman or trans, it doesnt matter if youre gay or lesbian.
Everyone is allowed to download this game, play and enjoy it.
We wouldnt decline you to join a raid because youre gay or trans, we would only decline you because of lacking !!ingame progress!!
Nothing in games is related to real life.

I know people who are gay, i even know a friend who was a girl at young age and is a man now.
None of them want what you guys from LGBTQ+ are doing, spreading all those ideals making them something special but they just want to live their life without all the attention you guys are seeking for. If they get hate its just because of you guys enforcing people or companies to follow stupid ideas and marketing steps or including them all the god damn time everywhere youre looking at. Its just too much… way too much.


Imagine you register just to spread your wokeism…

The definition of a radical extremist that lives completly in his/her/it’s/them/demi/beeb/boob/Watunga/Nope/Raaaainbooow world.

Well done western society, well done…

Edid: there is no way that guy isn’t a troll, I refuse to believe such people exist.


Personally nothing can convince me otherwise that Armen isn’t at least bisexual.

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@Landstalker Yup. It’s a good sign. Good thing it wont ever come to fruition cuz Smilegate wont let that sh* fly.

made my day… problem solved… :smiley:

People that care about other opinions are tottally without selfconfident. people that care about the others opinion are peple that can’t do anything and aren’t capable. Mimimi. This bullshit that LGBT are doing are annoy. Stop make people accept the way you are and want all of them be the same. grow up!!

woke culture long since been in the game and AGS. nothing new there

its nice that Lost Ark forum has at least one shitpost tread where ppl can just unload

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I believed that you already have a character goes by the same forum name/ign/game handle and I would say you colored your costumes the way you wanted and I think it is enough (maybe) for your community to be noticed and respected.

Lost Ark doesnt promote hate about anything or anyone.

This gone too far.

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I do agree that some of us have definitively went too far with this. Rest assured not all of the gay are like this only some are extreme and feel the need to push it in everyone face


This is the perfect troll post because AGS can’t take this down xD

So basically you are asking the many to change for the few? And how are you unsafe in LoA?
Doesnt reflect you experiences - WFT did i just read?

So let me see if i understand correctly:

  • in your narcissistic view (because it is borderline narcissistic) you want the rest of the world to make special accommodation for you, cuz you matter the most.
  • You fell “unsafe” undervalued and not respected in a GAME
  • And the game doesn’t reflect your experiences… uhm hon, this is a FANTASY game. It doesn’t relate to REAL WORLD.

Seriously i don’t know if you are:

  • high
  • bored
  • deluded
  • troll

NO THANK YOU! We got Enough Netflix Adaptation!!!


Contrary to the general belief, considering how AGS did almost everything opposite to what the fanbase wanted, I hope they will yet again not listen and actually do implement some LGBTQ+ shenanigans into the game! Just for the sake of seeing another middle finger from AGS haha!!

That’d be the best nail in the coffin ever!!