Lost Interest not Lost Ark

I was very excited about this launch and having watched streamers on Twitch mainly Asmongold I was even more excited. I downloaded as soon as I could I could not purchase a founders pack due to being recently made unemployed and so happy I didn’t. For three days I have tried to play but keep getting 10010 error I have followed all the work around’s online and here on the forums. I am no techie doing some of the things suggested scared the bejesus out of me but my PC seems OK.
I have now given up no more wasting time validating files etc. Maybe the name of this game need to be changed to
LOST it’s appeal
LOST players
LOST faith in Amazon Gaming maybe this is to big for Amazon maybe they should stick with the Kindle and selling books.
The anticipation was fun. I feel sorry for all those players who have paid to play this and can’t they are the ones who need this fixing.

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kk, bai :wave: