Lost Island Hearts

Hello, I had some island hearts on one of my characters but I deleted them, I wanted to know if they went somewhere or if I totally lost them.

You may ask for the char restore. The support team would need the character’s name and server name to be able to do it.

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Hey there @iVORTZ

Island souls are not sellable, not destructible and can’t be dismantled, it does sound like you might’ve deleted a character that had the souls in it’s inventory or storage, in that case we can perform a character restoration like @Mysel mentions!

Let me know your server and the name of the character that had the souls and was deleted if you know it, or the name of any other character in your roster so I can check and see if I can find them. If you know the name of the island souls you’re missing that would also help!


How I spent several months without playing I don’t remember, but the server was Gienah and after deleting that server it was migrated to Black Fang, and the name was Magosupremo. I created another char in place of the one that was deleted, would there be a problem? If you need any more information, I’ll try to let you know.

@iVORTZ Alright I was able to find your account and have checked all of your character’s inventories and storage, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any Island Souls in there besides a Kharmine’s Hideout Island Soul in your Reaper’s storage, so restoring a deleted character will not help in this case.

If you can remember the name of the Island Souls missing I’d recommend you contact our Support Team directly by following this link and clicking the Web Ticket button to submit a ticket:

Since you mention you just came back to the game, here is some important info about the server merges that your server was part of: