Lost items and weekly cooldown due to server maintenance


Last night i was in my 1st abyssal dungeon, killing last boss, when a server shutdown occurred on Trixion.
Since Trixion was 1 of only 3 servers that were reset for maintenance at that time, rest of my party members continued killing the boss, since they were from other servers which were not restarted at that time.
When maintenance was done (approx 30 min later) and when i logged in, i was in city, with 0 loot, but unable to queue and try again, because the game says i’m saved for this week on 1st difficulty.
At the same time the game prevents me going for next difficulty because previous dungeon is not complete??
So basicly i was denied from and loot and progress in abyssal due to server restart bug.
Game thinks i have done 1st difficulty so i cant do it again, but it also think i did not complete it so i cant go to the next one. This is really frustrating, i wanted to catch progress in abyssal before weekly reset, and now i get nothing.
Please help me resolve this

Was shutdown announced?

The countdown started while we were already inside killing things.
It wasn’t announced ahead of time, it was some emergency maintenance.