Lost Items from Roster Bank

As the title says, all chests containing Pickable level stones and all chests containing pickable level accessories have disappeared from my Roster Bank.

This is not to be confused with the QoL fix of items being placed in storage

Hello @Kavid ,

Greetings to you! :handshake:

I am sorry to know that your in game items seemed to have disappeared.

Kindly perform the following steps-

  1. Close the game and client completely.
  2. Run a steam verification test for game files.
  3. Shut down the PC and restart.
  4. Log into the game and check the inventory and storage.

I hope this resolves the issue. Please let me know the outcome.

Take care! :magic_wand:

Unclaimed Una’s tokens are now located in the inventory alongside things like event currency, life skill materials, etc. Please read the QoL updates in the patch notes.

As above some items where placed under the storage tab in your inventory as part of the QoL update. My problem has nothing to do with that.

Yeah, just re-read the bible that is this QoL update and saw the new inventory.
There’s still one slot missing which I can’t account for, but I’m not that sure it was important.
I’ll remove my message, since I can’t identify what is missing.

Have done all that you suggested - items are still missing.

Oh i am sorry to know about this @Kavid

I will escalate this and get back to you as soon as I receive an update.

Kindly help me with your IGN and server name.

Thank you.

IGN - Kondor, Zuka, Ladydiablos, Kavid etc

Server is Kadan

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Hello @Kavid ,

The devs have checked and confirmed that Accessory Selection Chest and Ability Stone Selection Chest, are still in the account.

If there are items still missing please list them here so I can check further.

Thank you!

Yes there is BUT they were placed there AFTER the original loss by doing an instance. The original items are still missing - Accessory Chest and Ability stone chest.

Thank you for your input.

Let me check this further.

Hello @Kavid ,

I rechecked this and can confirm that Accessory Chests and Ability stone chests were opened by the characters listed. If you have any further doubts kindly reach out to customer support via web ticket, as I wont be able to discuss account specific actions on the forums.

Thank you for your understanding.