Lost Jewerly because of new Feature or Bug?

So, since today when you only safe your jewerly per Set, you can actually destroy it. Shock for me. I always thought i saved my set so i cant destroy anything from it… You basically need to “lock” it now. I coudlnt read anywhere that this new feature exist, now i lost 2 expensive jewerly because of it.
Does anyone else saw anywhere that they change it, or is it a bug?
So if its a bug… i should get my jewerly back?

wanted to ask sup about it but since an hour even sup is broken, cant get any live chats…

Not sure what you meant by this, but you need to lock the item to prevent it from being destroyed.

There was a feature change in the last big patch to make it less aggravating to destroy items saved to a gear preset.

Before, if you tried to put an item saved to a preset into deconstruct it would hard stop you and tell you like ‘remove the item from preset before deleting’.

This was fairly annoying for a lot of people especially when leveling new characters that go through gear very fast. You had to constantly go back to your gear presets and resave them. And if you had multiple gear presets it was a PITA.

Now it gives you a pop-up warning when you put a saved item into decon ‘hey this item is tied to a preset’ but it doesn’t hard stop you.

The only hard stop is locking.

there is no pop up thouh :frowning:
i mean your right there was always a message, but it just dont exist anymore.